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An updated/revised edition of a previously published book, 'Some Weird Sin', written by UK Subs bassist Alvin Gibbs, provides various informative and entertaining narratives that detail the time he spent on the road as a touring musician for the legend that was, and is, Iggy Pop. With back cover blurb teasing "as odyssey of relentless travel schedules, illicit pleasures and satisfying stage triumphs while witnessing the professional and private conduct of his fellow band members", 'Some Weird Sin' is primed to be quite the read... and it delivers as it promises. A tale of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll... and beyond, during the late-80s.

So, why a new edition? Previously published in both 1995 and 2001, Gibbs informs via the 'Intro' that he felt his Iggy story warranted a "more comprehensive and candid version". Not familiar with the two prior editions, I have no means of comparison, but 'Some Weird Sin' is most certainly a candid insight into Gibbs' experiences. He also explains in the intro that, in the previous publications, "I did not document my own carnal exploits on the tour, nor those of Iggy Pop"... and provides self-justifying reasons for the omissions back then, and the inclusions now. He also states that he relished the opportunity of "making changes to some of the segments in the original editions that I frankly now find embarrassing." So, for those who've already experienced the book's first two incarnations, it sounds like this third would be worth delving into for a few different reasons.

Generally very well written, Gibbs' style of prose is incredibly readable... a page-turner, if you will, and seems to capture the essence of his touring tales and experiences with aplomb and articulation, that makes some entertaining anecdotes all the more entertaining. I won't divulge any of the content here, as spoilers would mar your first-time experience of encountering this book. But, suffice to say, it proved to be an eye-opener and eyebrow raiser on more than one occasion. Multiple black and white photos from the era (and a full colour, bang-up-to-date, HD picture of Iggy himself, inside the back cover) provide visual context and reference points here and there. It's a well-compiled tome.

Dedicated to the memory of Lemmy a couple of pages in, beneath a photo of Gibbs posing with the deceased Motörhead frontman, and a "prized piece of wisdom" he imparted to the UK Subs bassist, "If you start thinking you're too old to rock 'n' roll, you are.", it primes the reading experience perfectly, with unpretentious sincerity. Gibbs declares at the end of his intro: "It's going to be an extraordinary ride." That, it most certainly is... and evidently was for the man himself through his lived experience of the recounted events. A fan of Iggy Pop or not (and I've never considered myself as such), 'Some Weird Sin' is highly recommended.
Extradition Publishing
Review by Mark Holmes
25th Sept 2017
Chapter 1 - Some Raw Power
Chapter 2 - Kill City Rendezvous
Chapter 3 - Nightclubbing
Chapter 4 - Zombie Motherfuckers
Chapter 5 - Don't Look Down
Chapter 6 - Bowie, Texas and the Alamo
Chapter 7 - All Across the USA
Chapter 8 - Miami Lice; Chapter 9 - Bad Medicine
Chapter 10 - A Concise History of a European Tour
Chapter 11 - Night and Day; Chapter 12 - Blowfish
Chapter 13 - Cola Wars; Chapter 14 - Birthday
"...an eye-opener and eyebrow raiser on more than one occasion."