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Welcome to the website dedicated to metal discovery and re-discovery. Within these pages you will find reviews of gigs, festivals and CDs; interviews with bands; gig dates; and a comprehensive list of links to band websites, venues, musician resources, labels etc. Metal can often be a diverse genre, encompassing a wide array of musical sub-genres and fusion of styles. The principal aim of this site is to acknowledge this diversity through coverage of both established and upcoming bands within the scene and their multifarious styles of metal. Beyond that, you will also find reviews and interviews with bands from genres of music that are perhaps not instantly discernible as 'metal', but are in some way affiliated to it. This site is not for the insular minded. The emphasis is on discovery: the discovery of new bands, new styles of music, and provocative opinion through insightful interviews with current bands. There will also be a degree of rediscovery: the re-discovery of sometimes long forgotten, though pioneering, albums whose influential effects on the scene will here be acknowledged and, where possible, accompanying interviews with those involved.
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Home of Metal Discovery and Re-discovery
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CD reviews; live reviews.
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CD reviews; interviews.
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Live photography; live reviews; CD reviews
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CD reviews.
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CD reviews.
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Past contributors: Kristell Gathoye; Kim Davies; Leah Smallwood; Adam Parrott; Paul Simpson; Elena Francis; Paul Etcell; Siobhan Hogarty; Marija Brettle; Jadranka Jade; Annika Argerich; Ritchie LaRoux; Tom O'Donoghue; Joe Winn; Jason Guest; Samantha Knight; Rhiannon Marley; Jamie Richfield; Vickie Sargent; Dave Crewe; Chris Palmer; Rick Tilley; Siān Williams; Matthew Gray; Nicholas Dishington.
Salomé Sequeira:
CD reviews; interviews; live reviews.
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CD reviews; interviews
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CD reviews; live reviews; live photography
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Home of Metal Discovery and Re-discovery
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