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From the ever so slightly odd tracklisting, straight at the off I’m expecting emotionally tinged acoustic rock tunes, but what greets me in the form of ‘Chapter One’ takes me slightly off guard. Really well executed drumming comes rolling in with a nice bass line to follow before a quirky little pop punk-esque moment with some synths and catchy guitars breaking through. Continuing into ‘Is It The Real Beginnin’?’ (fans of correct spelling, avert your eyes!) the band fall deeper into a pop punk style, the vocal work very reminiscent of Rufio or All American Rejects at some moments, before the vocals drop to a heavier style and then that is where the influences of A Day To Remember and Story Of The Year become obvious. ‘Acta Est Fabula’ and ‘Feeling Lovesick Is For Assholes’ come rolling in with their riff laden offerings to hook in your brain for quite a while. Gang shouts help ease the transitions between harsh screams and the somewhat softer vocal work in ‘We Are Back’. Groove laden ‘Inner Hurricane’ comes rushing in next to attempt to get you moving and it may well achieve it, it’s a catchy song; far too catchy. Instrumental track ‘Aurorean’ gives a midway break to the album, before ‘It’s Manna From Heaven’ comes bouncing in with its quick paced riffs and softly rumbling drums. ‘A Second Chance’ opens with some nice guitar work and a vocal sample - it sounds exactly like something you would expect to hear on the new Funeral For A Friend album. It works fantastically and is probably the highlight of the album. The musical stylings of Aaron’s Agony shifts slightly on ‘Another Sick Story’ with it’s somewhat experimental and edgier than the norm guitar work. ‘Chained To The Fate’ rolls in to get you jumping along whilst screaming along, before ‘Voices From The Inside Call For Valkyria’ wraps this album up fantastically with some great vocal work and even more catchy riffs as well as pounding drums to get you swinging your head around. No matter how hard you try to not like this band’s sweet tinged rock offerings, you will find yourself nodding along or tapping your foot – it’s catchy and upbeat – it may not be anything groundbreaking or monumental, but it's well executed and very easy to listen to, and they’re perhaps a band to keep an eye out for in the future if this is your sort of thing. Well done Aaron’s Agony, well done.
Antstreet Records
Review by Siobhan Hogarty
7th March 2011
1) Chapter One; 2) Is It The Real Beginning?
3) Acta Est Fabula
4) Feeling Lovesick is for Assholes
5) We Are Back; 6) Inner Hurricane
7) Aurorean
8) It's Manna From Heaven
9) A Second Chance
10) Another Sick Story
11) Chained to the Fate
12) Voices from the Inside Call for Valkyria
"No matter how hard you try to not like this band’s sweet tinged rock offerings, you will find yourself nodding along or tapping your foot – it’s catchy and upbeat..."