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Adventure have been around for nearly twenty years but, in that time, have only managed to release three full albums, including the brand new 'Caught In The Web'. Their name does ring a few bells but that fact is ultimately why I have probably never got to hear them properly before and it is to my disadvantage because, if their first two albums are anything like this one, then I really should have been more astute! Centred around the writing partnership of Terje Flessen (guitars, sound FX) and Odd Roar Bakken (keyboards, acoustic guitar), plus an array of other musicians, Adventure ply their musical trade in mainly 70s’ prog and heavy rock. If you love early Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, IQ, bits of Pendragon, ELP, whilst also occasionally delving into BigElf and Pink Floyd territory, then this will be a fascinating and joyous album for you to get hold of. Adventure's main lineup is completed by the very David Byron sounding Terje Craig (vocals, bass), Elen Hopen Furunes (vocals) and Kristian Resell (drums).

From the strange introduction piece, 'All Aboard' (which would quite easily sit on an early Demon album), into first track proper, 'Fast Train', you'll find the Tull/Heep influences are very strong. Adventure are one of the few bands I've heard where I think the flute works alongside the guitars. This song, in particular, sounds like a collaboration between Ian Anderson and Mick Box with Ken Hensley drafted in on the keyboards. According to the press release, Adventure have moved away from the Tull/Heep comparisons slightly and gone more progressive with this album, so it will certainly be interesting to hear how the first two records sound. I'm not for one minute suggesting that Adventure are copying anyone, everything here still sounds original, but it's not surprising to read that their heroes and idols are those already mentioned. Next track 'Solitude' is almost as heavily influenced but also has a musical theatre sound to it in the chorus - for some reason I kept thinking 'The Rocky Horror Show'; I could certainly see Tim Curry singing this one!

To complete the lineup on this album we also have Roar Nygård (vocals), Knut Erik Jensen (piano) and Lars Hyldmo & Tone Dahl (flutes). Every one of them displays incredible musicianship, the melodies are gorgeous, and choruses catchy without being too in your face. And the sixty minute plus running time goes by without you getting bored. This definitely isn't waffling prog like some bands and albums managed in the 70s. All the songs have a beginning, middle and end and, even though that decade is easily the main reference point, there is also a nice production which brings the album into the 2000s. Some might question why we need an album like 'Caught In The Web' or a band like Adventure when Ian Anderson and Uriah Heep, amongst others from that period, are still recording wonderful music but couldn't you say that about any band? This is a great album and a much more palatable listen than many of the hundreds of metalcore bands that pop up every five minutes. Do yourself a favour and go on an 'Adventure'!
Progress Records
Review by Rick Tilley
30th May 2014
1) All Aboard; 2) Fast Train
3) Solitude; 4) Empty Minds
5) Simple Man
6) For Elise
7) Test of Time
8) Watching the Glow
9) The Virus
10) Caught in the Web Part 1
11) Caught in the Web Part 2
12) Hope
13) Into the Dream
"...incredible musicianship, the melodies are gorgeous, and choruses catchy without being too in your face."