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Musically, lyrically and vocally, 'Some Blood', the debut EP from Manchester four piece Alive In Theory, is outstanding. There is absolutely no doubt about that. This isn't metal of any sorts but the three tracks contained here are full of references to classic rock, folk, modern rock and indie. 'Formed' in 2012, they appear to have honed and combined their individual talents superbly into something very special. Vocalist Kirsty Ayre has to get the lion's share of the plaudits from this reviewer because she is utterly enchanting when she sings and is a rare talent indeed. It's difficult to pinpoint a sound but The Mariana Hollow at their quietist come to mind as does Sam Brown when she used to give me shivers as one of the backing vocalists for Pink Floyd. Paul Ayre (aka Herbie), guitarist & songwriter, should also be applauded because it is his understated but very good playing, and ability to pen quite haunting and beautiful music that makes these two an absolutely killer team. Completing the lineup are the more than able talents of Tom Gray (bass) and Guy Keegan (drums). Opening this EP is the title track (which has also been released as a video) and it is a slow burner, gradually building to its climax. Next track, 'Alive', is my personal favourite, with its piano led melody and staggering vocals. Lastly, 'Shadows' is probably the 'rockiest' of the three and delivers a catchy chorus. All of these tracks are due to be included on Alive In Theory's debut album which bodes well...or does it?

Wanting to find out as much as I could about this band, I went to their Facebook and Twitter pages only to discover that neither have been updated since the EP's day of release (24th February). I then clicked on their website link only to be told that the domain had expired. There are also several posts on twitter just saying "We are all alive in theory". Noting that their wonderful logo is an ambigram, and designed by none other than John Langdon of ‘Da Vinci Code’ & ‘Angels and Demons’ fame, and the back cover photo which just shows someone sitting at a drum kit, face hidden by a skull mask, got me thinking - is there more to this than meets the eye; is it a too clever marketing ploy or puzzle that might backfire, or am I being a completely rubbish and idiot conspiracy theorist? I suspect it is very much the latter but who knows? Perhaps the record company 'Irrelevant Records'…hmmm! Either way, it would be absolutely criminal for you not to check out this amazing EP if you get the chance. This band may well be only 'alive in theory' but quality like this doesn't come around often.
Irrelevant Records
Review by Rick Tilley
24th Feb 2014
1) Some Blood
2) Alive
3) Shadows
"...quality like this doesn't come around often."