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Hailing from Dundee, Animus are a modern deathcore/metalcore band. 'Fall Of The Elite' is their debut EP and was originally released at a local and limited level in 2013. They are now ready to unleash the EP on the wider public in an attempt to spread their name beyond the borders of Scotland. So are they going to achieve that dream? Well, if you're a young fan of modern metal and like Bring Me The Horizon, early TesseracT, Whitechapel etc and want to create a large mosh pit at a gig and jump into people then the answer is probably yes! On the other hand, if you're a bit older (or ancient like me) and find this genre of music stale, due to the amount of bands all doing the same thing, then it'll be a no!

Animus are obviously a talented bunch, although I'll be honest and say I'm never quite sure these days how much 'tinkering' has been done in the studio, and they do produce a good groove, but it's all very samey. Unfortunately for this band they have chosen to use screamed vocals throughout, courtesy of Aaron Fawns, and sometimes when the music needs a lighter or more melodic touch, Fawns is guaranteed to gargle and shout his way over the top of everything at full volume, rendering any use of light and shade redundant. I just really do not get, or like, this type of vocal approach. I'll say it again, even harsh vocals need variation, or at the very least a second vocalist who does something a little different. Guitarists Sam Gilmour and Graham Brown are tight but their riffs are generally very 'djent' and based on chugging out similar sounding rhythmical patterns. Bassist Gavin Holloway, for the most part, seems to follow them and drummer Poul Thomassen is from the seemingly same school as all other drummers from the genre. He blasts his way thunderously around the kit, and appears to be using a pair of Thor's hammers for sticks but, again, there is no delicacy in the performance.

As much as the press release would have you believe that Animus are different, unique and "will be a prominent force in the UK metal scene for many years to come" all I can hear is a band reproducing what many have done before, and I'm sure what many others will do in the future. It's good for what it is but not at all memorable. If you crave something extreme and a little different then I would suggest checking out a band like Meta-Stasis or the latest TesseracT album instead.
Review by Rick Tilley
3rd March 2014
1) db666
2) Home(less)
3) Fall of the Elite
4) Damnation
"...they do produce a good groove, but it's all very samey."