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It’s been nearly five years since Italian metallers Arthemis hit us with a new album and ‘Blood-Fury-Domination’ looks to remedy that instantly! Since 2012’s ‘We Fight’, we have anxiously awaited what was to come next from this quartet. Band creator, Andrea Martongelli, returns to guitars, Fabio Dessi kills it with vocals, Fancesco Tresca mans the drums, and relative newcomer (joined in 2013) Giorgio Terenziana pings the bass! Expectations are relatively high this go around with a make or break seventh album in 2017. Arthemis has been long touted a fantastic live act, while releasing albums that somehow float under the radar. Let’s see how this go around ranks.

Right off the bat, we’re given an excellent kick in the teeth with ‘Undead’. A fast beating of our eardrums shows that Arthemis isn’t F’n around here. Great speedy riffs and a faithful kickstart to your listening ears. This quickly shifts into another well-made track, ‘Black Sun, that offers a nice transition with clicking cymbals and fast paced introduction guitars. You can feel an almost Soilwork style in the chorus of this track. If you like them, you’ll love this.

‘Blood Red Sky’ is a fine third track, although it starts a bit slow and doesn’t exactly blow your socks off. One thing that I’m starting to notice a bit is a few lyrics feel slightly corny… maybe a lot corny, but even with some tongue in cheek cheese in their vocals, it’s still well delivered! ‘Blistering Eyes’ comes across as the real winner of the early goings with a very technical intro that quickly pops into some extremely well-polished build into a spectacular chorus. Things are getting off to a great start!

‘If I Fall’ is the first real slip up of this release. It’s a tacked-on ballad with no real purpose or character. I hated it. Other than being a change of pace between two exciting/heavy tracks, it doesn’t belong here at all. Glad we got that out of the way. Now ‘Warcry’ is definitely something more impressive for the listener. Excellent edgy contrast to the prior track. This could be considered one of the “killer cuts” from ‘Blood-Fury-Domination’. At the same time, this unfortunately is where our front-loaded album starts to recede into your fairly average offerings pile.

‘Into the Arena’ is a nice motivational piece that can bring some adrenaline. ‘Dark Fire’ has some pretty interesting (if even a bit out of place) chanting that carries you into a very evenly paced offering. Nothing at all to hate here, just feels a bit average. ‘Firetribe’ introduces a very unique sound with tribal drums accompanying. This track also has a highly impactful chorus. Unfortunately, our remaining two songs – ‘Inner-Fury’ and ‘Rituals’ - bring 2017’s work to a close, in anti-climactic fashion. Not to say anything really offensively poor is created here, it’s just these guys seemed to lose their momentum mid-way through and never truly regained that steam.

Overall, fans will be pleased with this release; we have some seriously fantastic tracks heavily stacked at the front and a few quality songs later on. ‘Blistering Skies’ and ‘Warcry’ are two absolutely terrific songs that Arthemis fans can hold in high regard. Recommended for a listen.
Scarlet Records
Review by Joshua Jaeger
7th April 2017
1) Undead
2) Black Sun
3) Blood Red Sky
4) Blistering Eyes
5) If I Fall
6) Warcry
7) Into the Arena
8) Dark Fire
9) Firetribe
10) Inner-Fury Unleashed
11) Rituals
"Overall, fans will be pleased with this release; we have some seriously fantastic tracks heavily stacked at the front and a few quality songs later on."