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Weird and pretty messed up! Thatís the only way to describe Bakteria. They describe themselves as filth metal and you wonít hear an argument from me in this regard. But is it any good? Well, yes and no, which I know sounds like a cop out, but bear with me on this. The opening sounds of the album with its controlled but fairly raw vibe get you going straight away. Knowing these guys listen to punk, sludge and crust as much as their metal and the first impressions are very pleasing. Most of the tracks open this way and peak the interest but this is where I have a problem. Maybe the songs are too long as they donít carry on holding my interest after the initial enjoyment. If you like sick lyrics then there will certainly be something for you but for me itís a feeling of been there, seen it before, and OLD (for my money) did it better with much more sarcasm and social commentary! Bakteria certainly have no problem holding back, though, in this regard as you can see from the song titles. I must admit to liking their extremely short burst songs, smattering the album, reminding me of early Napalm Death mixed with The Bezerker, adding a welcome respite from the monotony of the rather too long songs. The band as a whole is playing pure filth both in a musical sense as well as lyrically (there are some very, very wrong lyrics) and this I imagine is going to be the serious sticking point for many leaving Bakteria playing to a very niche market. Approach with caution for the sensitive but if weird and pretty messed up is your bag then this may well have some worth for you.
Anstalt Records
Review by Paul Sims
16th Nov 2009
1) Platypus Bestiality; 2) Sea Corpse
3) Shit Vomit Enema Orgy; 4) Shit in the Pussy
5) Feed Feces to the Foetus
6) Colostomy Hemorrhoids; 7) Kill, Fuck
8) Crib Deth; 9) Castrate with a Rusty Skate
10) Sloppy Fifths in a Pus Filled Twat
11) Feed the Starving with the Rich Man's Vomit
12) Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate!
13) Hospital Fuck-Fest; 14) Shit on my Pubes
15) Chromosomes in the Toilet; 16) Mutant
"Approach with caution for the sensitive but if weird and pretty messed up is your bag then this may well have some worth for you."