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Stateside hard rockers Bangalore Choir emerged from the LA scene during the early '90s, formed by vocalist David Reece following his departure from Accept after only a short stint fronting the German metal legends. And 2010 sees this long-lost (and long forgotten?) band release new album 'Cadence', their first since 1992 debut 'On Target', with the claim that it's "the old classic style revamped, re-oiled and re-booted". Having never heard 'On Target', on this I can pass no judgement, but based solely on the new material, the feeling is one of mid-80s hair metal but with a slick, contemporary production. So I guess that consolidates the latter statement. But is it any good? Although not to my own taste, I will say yes for the sake of candour. What we have are mid-tempo and up tempo hard edged rock tunes chock full of routine traits from the genre's constraints, although performed with a confidence and energy that is quite refreshing in that Reece & co. are evidently out to prove their worth in rejuvenating this nearly twenty year old venture. Oh yeah, and there's the obligatory rock ballad midway through proceedings, 'Still Have a Song to Sing'. Predictable? Of course it is, but part of the retro vibe conveyed throughout this release. Every album of this ilk requires a cheesy rock ballad miway, right? Listening to 'Cadence', I get the overwhelming impression that Bangalore Choir have embarked on something of a nostalgic trip in making more music so many years on, but whether it's a nostalgia that the CD buying public will share, and indulge in, only time will tell. And who knows, with the current resurgence of '80s rock/metal cheese back in favour with both the music press and fans alike, Banaglore Choir might just find themselves a newer fanbase out there. Basically, don't approach this with any expectations of originality; rather expect nothing more than cheesy rock/metal of yore, and you might just find yourself on your own nostalgic trip.
AOR Heaven
Review by Mark Holmes
27th Sept 2010
1) Wahzoo City (Intro); 2) Power Trippin'
3) Martyr
4) Living Your Dreams Everyday
5) Survival of the Fittest
6) Tomorrow; 7) Heart Attack & Vine
8) Still Have a Song to Sing
9) Dig Deep
10) Never Say Goodbye; 11) Sweet Temptation
12) High on the Clouds
13) Spirits Too They Bleed
14) Surrender All Your Love
"...Reece & co. are evidently out to prove their worth in rejuvenating this nearly twenty year old venture."