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The current line-up of Bangalore Choir consists of original members David Reece (vocals), guitarist Curtis Mitchell and Danny Greenberg on bass. They are joined by additional guitarist Andy Susemihl, who also mixed and produced this release, and drummer Rene Letters. Bangalore Choir briefly tasted success in ’92-93 but their style of music was swept aside by the grunge ‘invasion’ and it was the death knell for the band. However, many years later, Reece, Mitchell and Greenberg reunited for the release of ‘Cadence’ in 2010. This release is the follow up. For a release on an Adult Orientated Rock label, this is actually quite a heavy record. Not in the Maiden or Sabbath sense of course, but certainly within the parameters of AOR. I feel this is due in part to the production, which gives the vocals a gritty, edgy style and puts the guitars at centre stage. It’s more to do, though, with the near complete absence of keyboards, which on an AOR album is pretty unusual.

All of the tracks are of a pretty good standard and the band embrace various styles, such as blues and funk. The standout tracks for me mostly appear towards the tail end of this release: ‘Don’t Act Surprised’ has a straight forward ‘boogie’ style to it, with a thumping bass line and an AC/DC feel, while ‘Catch An Angel Fallin’’, despite the somewhat clichéd title is vaguely reminiscent of classic NWOBHM, possibly due in part to the distinctive riff, but with superior production values . The closing couple of tracks, ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘Always Be My Angel’ (there seem to be more angels on AOR releases than on a medieval illuminated manuscript!) complete the quartet of the strongest cuts in my view. The former is anthemic while the latter is driving and forceful with some masterful guitar work. Essentially, there is plenty to like here if you’re into the heavier end of the AOR spectrum or into classic rock. While there is nothing particularly innovative here, it is nonetheless a pretty good effort.
AOR Heaven
Review by Dave Uphill
30th April 2012
1) All the Damage Done
2) Trojan Horse
3) Silhouettes on the Shade
4) Metaphor
5) Don't Act Surprised
6) Never Face Ole Joe Alone
7) Scandinavian Rose
8) Catch an Angel Fallin'
9) Civilized Evil
10) Fool's Gold
11) Always Be My Angel
"...plenty to like here if you’re into the heavier end of the AOR spectrum or into classic rock."