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On the scene since 2001, British band Biomechanical released their debut CD 'Eight Moons' on Revolver Records two years later, before signing a four album deal with Earache which, to date, has produced 2004's 'The Empires of the Worlds', and now the forthcoming 'Cannibalised'. Fans of the band will be pleased to know that this third full-length effort is still characterised by their perversely deranged technical prog-metal interposed and overlaid with passages of cinematic orchestral flair. Further progressing the cacophony of their complex sound, the ten tracks on 'Cannibalised' still pertain to mind-bending polyrhythmic song structures, though their fusion of various metal subgenres (power; thrash; death; etc) achieves a more unified essence with the technical arrangements than on the previous two releases. Through some skilful songwriting, Biomechanical have refined their art so the technical complexities of the music are now inherently embedded in each composition, allowing the listening experience to be as much about getting lost in the absorbing melodies rather than simply just admiring the virtuosity of the musicians. Of course, that degree of admiration is still there, and the music on 'Cannibalised' will still prove a challenging listen for those in search of something genuinely progressive, it's just that all of the disparate musical sections and aural madness characteristic of Biomechanical's sound have come to fruition on this latest release. Perhaps this has been helped by famed producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest; Bruce Dickinson) mixing the album. Whatever the case, 'Cannibalised' is astoundingly good on every level, and those who've ever wondered what a jam between Rob Halford, Dimebag Darrell, Ron Jarzombek, Dave Lombardo, Troy Tipton and Tuomas Holopainen would sound like, then this album is it! With such a solid release, it is, therefore, a shame that subsequent to the recording of 'Cannibalised', Biomechanical's frontman, John K, faced a mass walkout from the band's other four members after a much publicised fall-out, although with a new lineup assembled already, they have a short UK tour planned for February. One can only hope the new musicians can do justice live to such a musically accomplished set of compositions. Phenomenal.
Review by Mark Holmes
11th February 2008
1) Fallen In Fear
2) The Unseen
3) Cannibalised
4) Breathing Silence
5) Predatory
6) Slow The Poison
7) Consumed
8) Reborn In Damnation
9) Through Hatred Arise
10) Violent Descent
"...perversely deranged technical prog-metal interposed and overlaid with passages of cinematic orchestral flair."