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I just love sincere, straight-to-the-point press sheets that have been written with full integrity. All too often, CDs will arrive for review that have been verbally embellished with all kinds of elaborate fabrications that, in reality, bear little relevance when listening to the actual music. Mediocre bands and music that is just, well, plain shit, relies on false selling points to try and fool lazy, naive journalists into believing what they've read is truth. Anyway, I digress, but it's a pertinent point when encountering refreshingly unpretentious and no-nonsense blurb, such as that accompanying Bob Malone's new EP, which simply states: "Bob's sound is a one-of-a-kind hybrid of blues, rock and New Orleans R&B, delivered with high-energy piano virtuosity and a voice all his own." That sums up 'Mojo' in a nutshell.

Five original tracks, and a cover of Ray Charles' 'Hard Times', this EP has, apparently, been issued as a UK-only, limited edition for his September 2014 tour, and precursor to his forthcoming new full-length studio offering. With varying and recurring personnel on each of the tracks, Malone's recruited some fine players to accompany him here, and his proclamation at the end of opener 'Certain Distance' (which, I'm guessing, has been left on the final mix from a vocal take) that drummer Kenny Aronoff "played that whole fill with one stick" gives you an idea of the calibre of musician involved. A one stick drum fill? Crazily good, and insanely good drumming, it must be said (if, in fact, that's what happened!).Tracks vary between down, mid and up tempo dynamics, although what is evidently Malone's signature sound is present throughout. Melodies weave an intriguing sonic path in each composition through the layered instrumentations, with a naturally flowing momentum, and each player's afforded breathing space in the tracks to shine. However, it's the combined talents of all involved that make this what it is - a foot-tapping, melodically rich tapestry of R&B infused blues. The passages of Hammond organ give it instant retro qualities, although, largely, this sounds relevant and contemporary. Nice one Bob!
Delta Moon Records
Review by Mark Holmes
1st Sept 2014
1) The Ocean/Welcome
2) Turns To Me
3) Morning Sun
4) Complaint in the System (Veronica Guerin)
5) The Wake of Magellan
6) Anymore
7) The Hourglass
8) Blackjack Guillotine
"...a foot-tapping, melodically rich tapestry of R&B infused blues."