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I don't have many DVDs from the newer breed of rock or metal bands. Most of mine are from more established bands or classic gigs, so I didn't know quite what to expect when I first sat down to watch 'Messin' In Wales', Bonafide's show from last year's Hard Rock Hell VI festival which has recently been released. I have a friend who was there and he said they were good but I wasn't prepared for how good! This is just under sixty minutes of superb hard rock 'n' roll. If you like AC/DC, Airbourne, Rhino Bucket, Aerosmith etc then this DVD is an absolute must and I would suggest you check some, or indeed all, of Bonafide's output to see what a good band they really are. Formed in 2006 and from Sweden, they deliver exactly what it says on the tin and that is balls out rock. This live set is filled to the brim with dirty vocals, guitar, bass and drums, all played to the highest standard. In fact, the sound is so good I, at first, wondered if it had been 'tinkered with', but reading the DVD notes the band say this is completely live, warts and all. Well, I cannot hear any warts and as I've never actually seen them live, I cannot properly vouch for how good they are but if this DVD is anything to go by then they are a blistering live band and I am going to have to check them out at the earliest opportunity.

Picture-wise, this is more than acceptable. Of course, there aren't 20+ HD cameras filming every conceivable angle, but then I wasn't really expecting that and what has been captured certainly does enough to warrant this being released as a DVD rather than just a live album. You cannot fault any of the eleven tracks on offer and by the end of the set the packed crowd are certainly making themselves heard (just). I only have two small 'gripes'. Firstly, a good rock show, such as this, needs a really vocal, loud and sweaty crowd. With the sound, I am assuming, being taken straight from the desk, the crowd actually feel distant and a little too quiet in-between songs and that is a shame. Secondly, I really don't need to see the fire breathing girls dancing (wobbling) around the stage like they've been on the absinthe all day. Look, I'm sure on the day itself it was all a bit of fun, but they aren't part of Bonafide's usual show, they were there as part of the festival (as they were at Hammerfest in March and will be at HRH VII this coming November) and, in the cold light of day, it just looks a bit cheap and old hat. It certainly doesn't add anything to Bonafide's quality performance and is something that's been done to death in recent years at the festivals.

I also have to mention two humorous moments on the DVD. At one point, vocalist/guitarist Pontus Snibb goes walkabouts in the crowd. Suddenly, the screen goes black and silent mid-song and what appears to be muzak starts playing. I thought it was a fault until the words 'Twenty Minutes Later' flash up on screen and the music proper cuts back in all guns blazing. Also captured is what looks like a pretty drunk Spike from the Quireboys turning up unannounced, mumbling into a microphone and stumbling off again to the obvious bemusement of everyone else on stage. It's a quality moment! Bonus features are limited to a two minute interview with the band in toilet cubicles, but this is all about the gig and, with that, Bonafide deliver big time.
Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Review by Rick Tilley
1st July 2013
1) Doing the Pretty
2) Dirt Bound
3) Butter You Up
4) Too Fired Up
5) The Mess
6) No Doubt About It
7) Hard Living Man
8) Down
9) Can't Get Through
10) Loud Band
11) Fill Your Head With Rock
"...they deliver exactly what it says on the tin and that is balls out rock."