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With a band name derived from the famous European steak house chain and a pun-based album title that lays bare genre affiliation, coupled with press blurb promising Buffalo Grillz's purpose is to provide the "listener a "barbeque" of violent sound", expectations are fulfilled in every way. Here we have grind with a big sense of humour. The grind itself is serious and executed to perfection in its intended sonically "violent" aims although a scattering of musical samples (ranging from instantly familiar to the more esoteric) throughout the album's short playing time of just over 29 minutes is both contraposed and integrated into the overall effect. And, to an extent, the overall effect is one of self-reflective parody - just take a look at some of the song titles and the Wingdings they opt for instead of lyrics in the CD's booklet - but, like I say, the grind is flawless so it's not a work of comedy per se. The serious/humorous fusion is epitomised within the first track, the instrumental 'Il Grind El' Servito', and primes the album neatly with distorted guitar feedback underlying, almost sinisterly, a jovial piece of music, the two mismatched and unsettling, yet so perfect for the 28 minutes of battiness that follows. Billed as an "all star grind combo" (Undertakers' Enrico; Orange Man Theory's Cinghio; Dr. Gore's Mastino; and Gux from Tsubo), only underground metal afficionados and serious grind enthusiasts will perhaps appreciate such a "super group" tag but I would urge anyone with a passing interest in extreme metal to check out Buffalo Grillz debut as it has so much more to offer than straight grind. Okay, there are nods towards the genre's hegemonists with the trilogy of tracks 'The Birth', 'The Life' and 'The Death' (four, fifteen and eleven seconds in duration respectively) edging towards classic 'Scum'-era Napalm Death, but then we also have the wonderful 'Fisting Daisy', an up tempo non-heavy instrumental country-themed piece with some seriously skilful fretboard work. With a total of 17 tracks on offer, it will probably come as no surprise that the longest track on 'Grind Canyon' is just under 3 minutes in duration with many just over, or under, two minutes, so there's little time to stop and catch your breath between each grind masterpiece (apart from the aforementioned 'lighter' moments with the sporadic samples). All in all, the best grind effort I've heard in a long time. Recommended.
Gangsta Paradise
Review by Mark Holmes
7th February 2011
1) Il Grind El' Servito; 2) Cous Cous Clan
3) Elisir; 4) Part I: The Birth (Trilogy)
5) The Boss Anova; 6) Grindasia
7) Part II: The Life (Trilogy)
8) Grind Canyon; 9) Fisting Daisy
10) Veni Vidi Grindi
11) New World Disagius
12) Grand Raccordo Anulanre
13) Part III: The Death (Trilogy)
14) Il Lago Dei Cinghi; 15) Grind Magne
16) Grind Gala; 17) No Mastino No Grind
"...grind with a big sense of humour."