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Classic rock, rock 'n' roll and blues rock. Those genres have been a bit like buses this month. One excellent album (Bonafide – ‘Bombo’) turns up and then literally, straight after, another one arrives. This time it's the debut album, 'Mighty', from new US/French project Carousel Vertigo. They formed in 2009 when two Gibson endorsed guitarists, Jansen Press & Vincent Martinez, jammed together on stage for the first time at a music trade event in Paris. Such was the chemistry between the two that Carousel Vertigo was born. They were then spotted performing a Gibson clinic at Music Live by the business partner of Status Quo's Rick Parfitt who arranged for them to play as special guests on Quo's 'Pictured Exposed' and 'Quid Pro Quo' tours. This chance gave them some great exposure to the public and was where they wrote much of the material for 'Mighty', even co-writing '3rd Degree' with Quo bassist John 'Rhino' Edwards. I call this a project because, according to the album notes and biography, Jansen & Vincent appear to play just about everything themselves (Vincent also sings and has a very good voice), although they are joined by a selection of other musicians on certain songs. However, if you head over to their Facebook page, they now appear to be a four piece. I haven't worked out if this is just for gigs though.

Onto the album - 'Mighty' is less AC/DC than Bonafide's album but that band is still an influence ('Long Highway' is 'Powerage' era-DC if they had gone down the blues route), along with Cheap Trick, Free, Black Country Communion, Grand Funk Railroad, Hagar, Montrose, Eric Clapton etc. We even get some Motorhead-lite on the track 'Dog For A Bone' and there is also a stunning version of Leon Russell's 'Help Me Through The Day'. Yes, it's been covered many times but you cannot argue with quality. All in all, this is fabulous stuff. They manage to create a sound with a huge amount of authenticity, but with a modern production (also courtesy of Jansen), and then an awesome mix by Keith Rose (Aerosmith, Coverdale/Page), everything feels nicely up to date. Can someone please tell me though why the track 'Mighty Good Woman' was chosen as the album opener? It's not a bad track, but it's certainly not the song that represents Carousel Vertigo at their best and would have been better placed three or four songs in. That aside, 'Mighty' is another to add to the very long list of excellent metal, rock & blues releases for 2013 and Carousel Vertigo definitely a name to watch out for.
Molano Music
Review by Rick Tilley
28th Oct 2013
1) Might Good Woman
2) I'm a Comin' World
3) Long Highway
4) I'm Your Man
5) 3rd Degree
6) Dog for a Bone
7) Help Me Through the Day
8) Better Be Wanting Me
9) Howl at the Moon
10) Last Call for Love
"They manage to create a sound with a huge amount of authenticity, but with a modern production..."