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Just in time for Christmas, the bunch of rock luminaries - Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith and Joe Satriani - that comprise Chickenfoot arrive with their debut live album. Continuing the unconventional non-consecutive titling from their sophomore studio full length, 'III', the Roman numerals have this time hit 55 although 'LV', of course, reflects a double meaning with this being a live release. Cunning. Also in unconventional terms, this CD has been divided into 'Side A' which contains four tracks recorded during May/June 2012 on the 'Different Devil' tour and 'Side B' that has been billed as live rarities and B-sides (effectively live material from a show on 23rd September 2009, only previously available as bonus tracks and B-sides). So Chickenfoot have broken their live CD virginity although it's a little patchy in terms of constitution and, with the timing of the release, has a feeling of "cashing in for Christmas" about it as the album will undoubtedly make its way into many a rock fan's festive stocking. Also, for a band that formed in 2008, "rarity" is perhaps a little redundant in describing some of the tracks on offer here - fans who've previously been aware of their existence and wanted to own these live versions would've surely sought them from iTunes or the like. However, for pristine CD quality sound, of which purchasing digital files doesn't offer, then maybe that'll be a draw here for many and, together with the 2012 live recordings, offer a neat "that was then, this is now" sonic history of the band's progression during the past three years. And the quality is quite wonderful, showcasing Chickenfoot's material within the context of a more jam-like, rawer live vibe with just the right amount of crowd noise and show ambience mixed in to give the songs a nice live feel. It could be argued that 2010's 'Get Your Buzz On Live' DVD is the preferred medium for experiencing a Chickenfoot show in the comfort of your own living room - and said release was, in fact, an entire hour and a half show rather than the live snippets we have here - but, ultimately, 'LV' keeps the ball rolling and the Chickenfoot legs walking to satisfy the colossal fanbase they've garnered in a relatively short period of time ahead of fresh studio material.
Review by Mark Holmes
10th Dec 2012
1) Lighten Up
2) Big Foot
3) Last Temptation
4) Something Going Wrong
5) Oh Yeah
6) Down the Drain
7) Turnin' Left
8) My Kinda Girl
9) Learning to Fall
"...a neat "that was then, this is now" sonic history of the band's progression during the past three years."