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Does more modern “edgy alternative fuelled punk-rock” grab you at all? Do you like Therapy, Queens of the Stone Age or Foo Fighters? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you will very probably want to check out CodeJAK. If, on the other hand, you are like me and find that style or those bands a bit tedious and uninspiring then you probably won’t. I ask this because even though CodeJAK’s debut album ‘Times Of Conflict’ is by no means one I would actually go out and buy myself, they, as a band, are actually quite good when compared to some of the others emerging in this genre. I don’t ever want to rubbish a band just because their style doesn’t suit my tastes. Sometimes that does happen of course, because certain things just hit a nerve, but these guys obviously play with enthusiasm and passion and that does shine through on ‘Times Of Conflict’. Initial song riffs and some of the choruses and solos aren’t too bad but many of the verses let me down because that’s where their alternative side really comes to the fore.

Formed in 2009 they have already released an EP ‘Hell Yeah’ (2010) and supported a wide variety of bands including The Selector, Sham 69, The Buzzcocks and Fozzy. A four piece consisting of Vocalist/Guitarist Dan Turner, Lead Guitarist Dan Clarke, Bassist Dave Fisher and Drummer Dave Turner (they should have been called ‘The Dan & Dave Band!) they have managed to muster up a fair following as there are plenty of people out there who like this type of music and I’m sure if they continue in this vein then that fan base will continue to grow. So CodeJAK personally aren’t for me, but I’m not going to write them off because of it. I do wonder, however, if there was an intended pun with their name, because I think the cover art should have been of actor Telly Savalas sucking a lollipop (people born after 1990 probably won’t get that)!
Ghoulish Records
Review by Rick Tilley
19th Nov 2012
1) The Ballad of Jenny G
2) Hell Yeah
3) When I Fall
4) Sail Away
5) Pull Out Your Knife
6) Broken Man
7) Serpentine
8) Start Again
9) Falling Back From Grace
10) Sell My Soul
11) Little Boy
"Initial song riffs and some of the choruses and solos aren’t too bad but many of the verses let me down..."