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Floridian rock-metallers Creed, active from their incarnation during the mid-90s until calling it a day in 2004, reformed with their original lineup in 2009 and this, in what is surprisingly their first ever live DVD, represents the hugely popular band's reunited prowess in a masterful performance of full-on rejuvenated rock fury. During their 5 year hiatus, frontman Scott Stapp enjoyed a degree of success as a solo artist while the band's remaining three members - Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshall - went on, of course, to form Alter Bridge. However, the four men's erstwhile guise of Creed remains the most lucrative and successful period of their musical careers to date, with record sales estimated at around 35 million (26 million in the States alone). And it seems the band's reactivation sees them just as popular with this live concert DVD filmed in front of 18,000 fans at a venue in Houston on 25th September 2009. With the action captured on no less than 239 cameras (yes, you read that right, 239...which, apparently, has set a new world record for a live concert shoot), the overall visual effect is not as jarring as one might expect from utilising so many cameras. Rather, cross-cutting between footage is fluid and not frenetic - I'm guessing the deployment of 239 cameras simply enabled director/producer Daniel Catullo III more scope in filming the band from every possible angle one could hope for, and greater visual options for the final edited product (which has been expertly cut together by the skilled hands of Michael Romanyshyn). Setlist-wise, apart from a couple of tracks aired from 2009's 'comeback' album, 'Full Circle', songs played are drawn from Creed's first three studio albums, 'My Own Prison', Human Clay' and 'Weathered', with all music receiving a mix that authentically captures the live sound you would expect to hear in a venue of these large proportions. Stapp's vocals are perhaps just a little too high in the mix at times, but this is my only real criticism of the DVD's audio tracks (of which 3 are available - 5.1 DTS; 5.1 Dolby; and 2.0 Stereo). Elsewhere on the DVD, bonus features include an insightful 45 minute documentary centred around the band's 'Full Circle' tour; a photo gallery; a promo video for 'Overcome'; and a trailer for the Deluxe Edition DVD box set that promises a version of the concert incorporating 'Big Freeze' technology (think 'The Matrix' in rock show format). In short, if you are, or were, a fan of Creed then there is much here to get excited about. Conversely, if you regarded the band as overrated trash, I doubt there will be anything here that will convert you. Personally, I'm fairly indifferent towards the band's music, although there is no denying this is a fine package for Creed fans the world over (most of which seem to reside in North America).
DC3 Music Group
Review by Mark Holmes
105 mins
7th December 2009
1) Bullets; 2) Overcome; 3) My Own Prison
4) Say I; 5) Never Say Die
6) Torn; 7) A Thousand Faces
8) What If; 9) Unforgiven
10) Are You Ready?; 11) What's This Life For
12) Faceless Man; 13) With Arms Wide Open
14) My Sacrifice; 15) One
16) One Last Breath; 17) Higher
(+ photo gallery; documentary; interviews; promo video)
"...a masterful performance of full-on rejuvenated rock fury."