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My first impressions of Sensory signings Dakrya is the wonderful cover artwork that has been marred by the album title. That is to say, not the album title itself, rather the striped crime scene "Do Not Enter" tape that's been added prominently across the bottom of the cover which does somewhat ruin the overall effect. However, 'enter' I did, and very fortunately so, for Greek metallers Dakrya are one of those rare discoveries in the 21st century - 'Crime Scene' is chock full of innovatively progressive music that is as aurally engaging as it is original. With the press sheet describing their style as 'Theatrical Metal', I cannot refute such a label through the listening experience as two female vocalists, Thomais Chatzigianni and Christina Kalantzi, sing melodramatically over a sonically heterogeneous backdrop provided by two guitarists (one of whom, George Droulias, also adds backing vocals), keyboards, bass and drums. The resultant music from the combined efforts of these seven talented musicians is undeniably exciting in both its execution and compositional diversity. Obvious comparisons would be the likes of Diablo Swing Orchestra or Unexpect, though only in their genre-bending, theatrical approach for Dakrya sound like neither of these (and are certainly not as cacophonically batty as Unexpect). Rather, they forge their own musical identity through the nine tracks on offer, largely thanks to the exceptional songwriting talents of keyboardist Sophia Charalampous (billed here as simply SophiaX) who not only composed all of the music but also lyrics for each and every song. The keen-eared genre enthusiasts might also be able to detect influences from the progressive realm such as Pain of Salvation and Devin Townsend, and even a touch of doom with the opening vocal line of 'Inertia' which brings to mind 2005 Candlemass track 'Copernicus'. However, Dakrya's music is innately original at core - no mean feat within the contemporary metal genre which has become saturated with pastiche and generic mimicry - so I wholeheartedly recommend this immensely talented Greek band's sophomore album for anyone who is in search of something a little different while, at the same time, being stimulated by some serious kickass metal. I personally thrive on bands like Dakrya as they actually put the 'progressive' back into progressive metal. Go check 'em out, as I'm certain it's music you'll thrive upon too.
Review by Mark Holmes
17th January 2011
1) The Charlatans
2) Blind Man's Bluff
3) Scaremongering
4) The Urban Tribe
5) Camouflage
6) Phantasmagoria
7) Inertia
8) Dramatis Personae
9) A Dreadful Side Scene
"...'Crime Scene' is chock full of innovatively progressive music that is as aurally engaging as it is original."