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Diemonds are a five-piece hard rock band that hail from Toronto, Canada. Formed in 2006 and with lyrics that speak to outcasts, wild childs, and misfits, Diemonds is described as “Toronto’s hungriest band, clawing their way out of the underground with their modern day hard rock sound”. With the larger-than-life presence of frontwoman Priya Panda, the band [completed by Aiden (drums), Adam (bass), and guitarists DeKay and C.C.] have arrived with their third album, ‘Never Wanna Die’ , via Napalm Records.

The album consists of ten tracks spread over a running time of 34:16 and starts with the title track. Comprising of a good rhythm, pace, and melody, this is a great opening to the album that has you hooked immediately with some good catchy moments. ‘Hell Is Full’ quickly follows with another brilliant rhythm and excellent memorable moments. The guitar-play is great and includes a guitar solo during the second half. The pace of this number is quick and makes you feel as though it’s over in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. I have to say that, after hearing the opening two tracks, I’m loving Priya’s vocals. They really stand out and suit the other instruments very well, adding an extra dimension to the music.

More good riffs from Diemonds guitarists, DeKay and C.C., launch you into ‘Over It’, which gets you nodding your head in agreement as the band play through this highly memorable track which has melodic chorus sections that have a tendency to stick in your brain for some considerable time afterwards. The good stuff doesn’t end there though, as ‘Ain’t That Kinda Girl’ opens with some drumming from Aiden, soon to be followed by that duel-guitar attack and equally impressive bass-lines from Adam. Containing good pace throughout, I struggle to keep pace with the musicians and Priya’s vocal attack in places, as Diemonds power through almost three minutes of solid hard rock before the phrase “Dear Daddy I’ve got a little secret …” introduces you to the rather slower paced [than previous numbers] ‘Secret’. Like the previous four tracks, this one also contains a good melody and rhythm, especially during the chorus sections and I really enjoyed the riffs and guitar solo at the beginning of the second half. The track fades out towards the end, bringing a close to the first half of this fine album.

Glorious riffs and guitar-play launch the second half of this album as ‘Better Off Dead’ begins and settles into an extremely fast rhythm and pace. Its pace feels relentless and the band put you through the motions with some excellent musicianship, leaving you feeling breathless… thoroughly enjoyable and contains excellent shredding guitar solos during the second half. ‘Forever Untamed’ is up next as drum beats from Aiden start things off, quickly followed by the guitars as this five-piece settle into a terrific grooving rhythm. The groove of this is highly addictive and leaves me in anticipation of what’s coming next.

I’m not disappointed as a good rolling rhythm signals the beginning of ‘Wild At Heart’ with its catchy and memorable style. Swiftly following this is the penultimate track, ‘Meet Your Maker’, which portrays Diemonds’ signature sound with good melodic and catchy chorus sections, good pace with well-timed changes throughout. Ending abruptly, it sets you up for the final track on the album, ‘Save Your Life’, which begins with a slow(ish) moving, rocking riff before increasing in tempo as Priya’s now familiar vocals enter, thus sending me into small bouts of headbanging and foot tapping! Once again, the pace is good and the music itself catchy and memorable. Things come to a close after 3:29, signalling the end of the album.

I thoroughly enjoyed my listening experience with ‘Never Wanna Die’. It’s an album that contains ten tracks of high paced, high fuelled hard rock with each song averaging between 3-3:30 minutes – with one exception … the slower paced ‘Secret’, which runs for 4:31. The album itself runs for less than 35 minutes, yet you feel as though just 35 seconds have passed as you’re propelled through the album at full speed. There’s literally no time to breathe as each track attacks you with fast-paced music with excellent rhythm and grooves. Each track is highly memorable with catchy chorus sections, highly addictive lyrics/vocals that contain good melody throughout.

The musicianship from all five members is of a high standard and played with consistency, confidence, and professionalism that gels well together to make one well-oiled machine. Each track played has the feeling of being made for the live environment … I, for one, would seriously love to get the chance to see this band live. So, if you like bands such as Guns ‘N’ Roses and Motley Crue, and like your music of the quick-paced, hard rock variety, with short(ish) songs that contain good melody, sing-a-long choruses, non-stop grooving riffs, with an element of sleeze added for good measure, then this is an album for you. With ‘Never Wanna Die’, Diemonds have made an album that’s a breath of fresh air and a rather exhilarating listen. Buy it … buy it now!
Napalm Records
Review by Chris Palmer
4th Sept 2015
1) Never Wanna Die
2) Hell is Full
3) Over It
4) Ain't That Kinda Girl
5) Secret
6) Better Off Dead
7) Forever Untamed
8) Wild at Heart
9) Meet Your Maker
10) Save Your Life
"With ‘Never Wanna Die’, Diemonds have made an album that’s a breath of fresh air and a rather exhilarating listen."