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Hailing from Tromsø, Norway comes five-piece metal outfit Dienamic. The band was formed in 2009 by Stein-Odin Johannessen and Gustav Harry Lindquist. A self-titled EP was shortly released in 2010, followed by the release of debut album, ‘Surfing The Apocalypse’, in January 2012. The band’s second full-length album was recorded in April 2014, before being mixed and mastered throughout that year’s summer. This much anticipated second album is ‘Afterlife’, released via Worm Hole Death Records. Dienamic, now consisting of Gustav Harry Lindquist [vocals]; Stein-Odin Johannessen [guitar]; Eivind Kjær Killie [guitar]; Kenneth Iversen Muotkajærvi [bass]; and Sebastian Jacobsson [drums] have been touring Europe and Japan extensively to promote this new album.

Dienamic’s sound has been described as straight from the heart, right in your face Arctic death/thrash metal… a bone crushing five-piece metal act that will definitely leave a mark on the world and has an addiction to touring. Consisting of a pure and raw energy that hits you head on, with unique crowd contact and great atmosphere, as the full range of the band comes on display during a live setting. This relatively young band have shared stages with such bands as Nightrage [SE], Psycroptic [AU], The Faceless [US], and Inarkadia [FR] during a tour of Japan in 2013. This tour was then followed by the Norwegians playing the main stage at the Underwall Festival, Croatia as well as supporting Sepultura in Belgrade. If this is anything to go by, then I cannot wait to hear this band’s music.

Before I begin, it should be noted that ‘Afterlife’ was recorded by Gustav H Lindquist [vocals]; Stein-Odin Johannessen [lead & rhythm guitar]; Jorgen M Olsen [drums]; Bjorn-Havar Skoglund [bass]; and Yngvar Mehus [additional guitars]. Shredding guitars introduce opening track ‘The Reaping’ before pummelling drums and bass enter the fray. Then things settle down into a great riff-induced rhythm with a good pace and groove. Together with the rough style of vocals from Gustav, this track gets you nodding along in unison as it blasts your ears and smashes through you. Things continue into ‘Innocent Gun’, only with a slightly different pace and those harsh vocals. It’s an intoxicating track with fast-paced drumming from Jorgen and an equally pounding bass from Bjorn-Havar, as its 2 minutes, 40 seconds pass quickly with an exciting thrash groove.

‘Revolution For Nothing’ launches next with a terrific rhythm and riffs that send you into fits of uncontrollable headbanging. Jorgen’s drumming is insanely fast, with double-kick blast beats in sections throughout, all complemented by Bjorn-Havar’s heavy pounding bass lines. Gustav’s vocals are aggressive and blistering, going well with the rest of the instruments on display, as do the guitars of Stein-Odin… with neat shredding guitar solos during the second half adding character to the track. Following this is ‘Where God Feeds’, with its terrific grooving riffs, pounding drums, and brutal bass-play. Its three minutes literally fly by, urging you to hit repeat several times.

‘Dance With The Devil’ is next, introduced by Stein-Odin and soon joined by Jorgen’s drumming, as things settle into another riff-based rhythm. This is a powerful number that is fast moving with great elements of thrash included. ‘You Still Walk’ changes the pace a little with its slow grooving riffs. The aggressive vocals are present as are the exhausting riffs, just at a slower pace to previous songs on this album. Then there’s the extremely savage ‘Generation Reboot’, which begins with insanely fast, pounding drumming from Jorgen, and equally fast/pounding bass and guitar-play from Bjorn-Havar and Stein-Odin respectively (I’m sure that Yngvar is portraying his talents in there as well), before Gustav’s vocals join proceedings. The pace and heaviness of this track is awesome, sending me into fits of headbanging as these Norwegians crush my skull with such viciousness. It’s so damn good that I need to hear it again!

More great guitar-play is heard as ‘Overthrown’ begins, soon joined by that pulsing bass before settling into a powerful rhythm that pushes its way through your senses. The musicianship on display throughout is first class, with the main riffs driving it forward until coming to an abrupt stop as the end is reached. You’re allowed a quick breather before shredding guitars launch you into the album’s title track. This is another vicious track that reminds me of Slayer, but with a melody infused section that adds variety to things and shows Dienamic’s more diverse side. It’s a good track that consists of power, groove, and rhythm, keeping things interesting and you hooked. Final track on the album is the epic and aptly titled ‘The End’. This is another powerful track with a combination of guitar melodies and face melting riffs. It runs for over seven minutes and literally draws you in with its beauty, with the guitars fading out towards the end, helping to close this great album.

With ‘Afterlife’, Dienamic have created an album that is a monster! It is rhythmic and heavy, with brutish melodies and savage metal riffs. The sound is skull crushing, yet graceful and fashionable in the metal world of today. The vocals are rough and aggressive, yet sit perfectly alongside the other instruments on display. The drumming is insane with double-kick blast beats in places, yet confident and controlled alongside an equally confident and consistent pounding bass. The guitars are played confidently and powerfully with groove-laden riffs and melodic solos. This is an album that is an essential listen for any self-respecting metal fan, not just fans of old school thrash metal. Everything on this album is heavy and pulverises you into submission. It’s a brilliant album and one that will have listeners hitting the repeat button continuously.
Worm Hole Death Records
Review by Chris Palmer
10th March 2015
1) The Reaping
2) Innocent Gun
3) Revolution for Nothing
4) Where God Feeds
5) Dance with the Devil
6) You Still Walk
7) Generation Reboot
8) Overthrown
9) Afterlife
10) The End
"rhythmic and heavy, with brutish melodies and savage metal riffs. The sound is skull crushing, yet graceful and fashionable..."