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Dirty Thrills! Do I really need to tell you what this band sound like? Oh, okay then, I will! Rather than another of the seemingly endless new outfits plying their wares in the metalcore and deathcore genres, Dirty Thrills are a four piece, London based band joining that other area of rock which has seen a healthy influx in recent years. This is classic dirty rock with a healthy dose of blues. They cite Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White as two influences but I'm more inclined to say they sound like a mix of Rival Sons, Free & The Answer with some Led Zep, Black Country Communion and early Whitesnake thrown in as well. 'Growing Young' is their debut EP and, incredibly, this lot have only been together for about a year. There is also some musical heritage as lead vocalist & guitarist Louis James' father was Nicky James, a very well respected singer in the 1960s & 70s with such acts as The Moody Blues and The Walker Brothers.

'Growing Young' opens with 'Shivers' and it perfectly encapsulates what Dirty Thrills are all about. Big riff, big voice and big groove. It is the strongest song of the four on offer and leads very nicely into the title track which is slightly more laid back but still holds your attention fully. Joining James are Jack Fawdry (lead guitars and vocals), Jamie Hopkins (bass) and Stevo Corrigan (drums and vocals) and it's pretty clear they have a healthy respect for the genre in which they find themselves. Track three, 'Drunk Words', is another winner. It's even more laid back but with a big chorus. James has a beautifully soulful delivery in the quieter sections, but during the chorus it feels like he's trying a bit too hard and that's a slight criticism I could also point at final track 'You're In Trouble Now'. He needs a few more bourbon soaked years on his vocal chords to give it the meat and bones that this music needs. At the moment, it just sounds a bit whiney. They haven't got the swagger and groove of Rival Sons or The Answer yet but, for only a year together, this is a pretty bold statement of intent. If they can get a slightly stronger production next time round and couple that with a another eighteen months of constant gigging then a debut album could put Dirty Thrills well and truly on the map. I'm going to be keeping a very watchful eye on developments.
Review by Rick Tilley
7th October 2013
1) Shivers
2) Growing Young
3) Drunk Words
4) You're in Trouble Now
"They haven't got the swagger and groove of Rival Sons or The Answer yet but, for only a year together, this is a pretty bold statement of intent."