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“Distorted Harmony – is a delicate combination of the complex Progressive Metal, the unique harmonies of Modern Jazz and Classical music and some heavy shit!” This quote comes directly from the bands press release and website and I really couldn’t have put it any better myself whilst listening to this intriguing album! Distorted Harmony (very clever name considering the music) hail from Israel and ‘Utopia’ is their debut album. It was originally released in May 2012 as a download but is now deservedly getting a physical release. They originally formed in 2009 when Yoav Efron (Composer, Keyboardist and Producer of this album) met Yogev Gabay (Drums) and the pair started working together. By 2011 they had been joined by Misha Soukhinin (Vocals), Guy Landau (Guitars) and Iggy ‘Jalapeno’ Cohen (Bass) and collectively they have created something pretty special.

‘Utopia’ contains six (beautifully produced and mastered) unconnected tracks but they flow together so well that they could equally be seen as one larger body of music. If I had to be pinned down on influences then a mixture of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Pain of Salvation, Hogarth-era Marillion and possibly Muse would be my answer although I’m sure, depending on what you listen to, you will pick up many more. For instance the chorus of ‘Obsession’ (probably my favourite track) has echoes of Devin Townsend. However, Distorted Harmony manage to combine all of these with such emotion, flair, passion and an abundance of talent that it all seems fresh and new; they have certainly created their own identity and hopefully given a good kick up the arse to those people who feel that the Progressive Metal genre is stagnating!

If I have one ‘tiny’ criticism, it is that the vocals sometimes could do with a little more power in the heavier sections although the more I listen to the album the less apparent this is becoming. Of course, what I’m also trying to remember is that this is a debut album and the band are from a country not generally associated with Metal and Rock, something that is starting to happen on a more regular basis in recent years and I, for one, am very pleased about that, especially when a band as good as Distorted Harmony emerges. As far as I know they are still, criminally, unsigned. Surely something that has to change soon considering some of the rubbish that record labels are releasing these days. I’m going back to this one again and again and when I’m not listening to it I find myself humming the melodies. That is always a good sign. Check them out; I think you could be pleasantly surprised.
Review by Rick Tilley
14th May 2012
1) Kono Yume
2) Breathe
3) Obsession
4) Blue
5) Unfair
6) Utopia
"...they have certainly created their own identity and hopefully given a good kick up the arse to those people who feel that the Progressive Metal genre is stagnating!"