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If there is one completely recognisable female voice in the rock & metal world then it belongs to Doro Pesch. For thirty years she has belted out proper heavy metal and released sixteen albums (four with Warlock and twelve solo). She still looks amazing and has a huge following all over the world. Despite her looks, the music has always come first for the German vocalist and she has not let changes in musical fashion deter her from releasing exactly what she wants, when she wants. To celebrate her thirty years’ anniversary, Nuclear Blast is re-releasing her 2012 album 'Raise Your Fist' with a bonus disc, 'Powerful Passionate Favorites'. As far as I can see this is also being released separately as a special edition vinyl. I haven't been sent the 'Raise Your Fist' part, although that was a good album, so I have to judge these nine tracks on their own. For die hard Doro fans, this will obviously sell but, beyond that, I'm afraid it will leave many people feeling a bit cold. ‘Powerful Passionate Favorites' (ugh, US spelling) is a collection of remixes, cover versions and a couple of new tracks. Many of these have been available before, with only the new tracks being of any real interest, and they could have been tagged onto the end of the main album. Really… this feels like a bit of a cash-in release.

Opener 'It Still Hurts' is a Jacob Hansen mix of a duet with Lemmy and, whilst it's always nice to actually hear Lemmy attempt to sing, the song is a little bit plodding for a ballad and it's not really much different from the original. We are then treated to the French version of 'Raise Your Fist In The Air'. It's nice to hear in a different language but not essential. There are four covers represented. Led Zeppelin's 'Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You' (good, but not new), Tina Turner's 'Nutbush City Limits' (very good), Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' (not bad and not new) and Dio's 'Egypt (The Chains Are On)’ (excellent but not new). There is also a new version of 'Only You' which was written by Gene Simmons for the 'Doro' album in 1990. That leaves the two new tracks - 'Warfare', a fairly good track that will be featured, alongside the acting of Doro, in the forthcoming movie 'Anuk 2', and final song 'NYC Blues'. This is a recent, home recorded demo and, although there is a good vocal performance, it really should have stayed out of the limelight until a proper version had been recorded.

I love this lady and her voice, have followed her since the beginning (I still love to put on Warlock's 'Burning The Witches' when I can) and didn't want to be harsh, but this release just feels so quickly thrown together, especially as a standalone. If you're new to Doro, have only heard her version of 'Egypt' via the recent Dio tribute album, 'This Is Your Life', and want to investigate further then start with Warlock because you will see what a great talent she is. 'Powerful Passionate Favorites' does not really do her justice!
Nuclear Blast
Review by Rick Tilley
2nd May 2014
1) It Still Hurts
2) Raise Your Fist (French Version)
3) Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
4) Nutbush City Limits
5) Only You
6) Egypt (The Chairs Are On)
7) Nothing Else Matters
8) Warfare
9) NYC Blues
"...this feels like a bit of a cash-in release."