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Whether youíve just had one of those days at work or those students downstairs just wonít stop having all-night raves in the middle of the week (you know who you are), sometimes you just need to decompress in the most explosive way possible. Enter: dropbunny. If thereís one thing that theyíre not doing, itís fecking about. The one negative to the album is that they decided to include the lyrics in the album sleeve, so they do come across as whiney and moany (and, for the record, if youíre not a fan of swearing then maybe give this one a miss, they love a good swear) but, if we ignore that, this is actually a nice little album theyíve cobbled together. On first listen it does come across as a bit of an aural assault but, once itís had a bit of time to percolate, thereís a lot going on here musically thatís worth the effort and itís more coherent than the first impressions might suggest. Itís all over the place, but in a good way. Just as you think you know where you stand, they mix things up and throw in a nice-sounding acoustic song. Isnít that nice? For a bit anyway, then it descends into some sort of eclectic, electricÖ thing.

Although as an entity itís pretty avant garde, there is still that something that hooks you in and doesnít just leave you feeling lost. Itís definitely got a high level of aggression but somehow doesnít leave you feeling like youíve been shouted at full on in the face for 70 minutes. The press sheet says that theyíd not long taken on three ďexceptionally talented singersĒ, a fact which I do not doubt at all but they donít seem to be using them to their full potential or are drowning them out. As it happens, I quite like the vocals on the album but they are a bit one-dimensional at times and, although they have tried to mix up the clean with the screams, I imagine it could start to get a bit annoying if you didnít particularly love that one style of vocals in the first place.

For me, the album gets off to a very good start but then starts to tail off, or I got bored, or hungry. Either way, itís not a good sign really. Iím not against long-ish albums at all but it sort of needs to be justified in some respect and, in this case, they probably could have chopped a good 15-20 minutes out and not lost anything really or, indeed, made two very nice mini-albums just to break it up a bit. Thereís a lot to take in but, on the whole, it is worth the perseverance. There are some people who will take to the album straight away and want to listen to it on repeat for the rest of their lives, more power to them, Iím not that person as I do have admiration for what theyíve created but find it a bit full-on for something to listen to in one go.
Review by Si‚n Williams
6th August 2012
1) Plummet; 2) Irredeemably Fucked; 3) CDFA; 4) Portrait of a Young Man as a Shithead; 5) The Nightmare From Which You Cannot Awaken; 6) Another Lost Kid; 7) Exit Sub; 8) Hits Limbo From A Great Height; 9) This Relentless Momentum; 10) Jumped; 11) Gimpman Cometh; 12) Beat; 13) Pentagonal Plywood Prison; 14) Arch; 15) Inchoate; 16) The Architecture is Wrong; 17) Voices; 18) There's Nothing Here and it Screams
"Although as an entity itís pretty avant garde, there is still that something that hooks you in and doesnít just leave you feeling lost."