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Featuring members and ex-members of The Ocean, you must already know what to expect from this album. If not, it's a blending of prog sensibilities and sludgy doom. Imagine Ephel Duath without the lust for chopping and changing every half-bar. And while it's all very clever, noisy, and likely to get intellectualised metal-heads in a froth, it's unlikely to appeal to a mass audience. Not that there is anything wrong with that; it's commendable to not chase trends. However, there's something a little pedestrian about it all. Don't get me wrong, I was certainly enjoying myself while listening to this, but here I am moments later and I cannot recall a single memorable riff, melody, or vocal-line. That's got to be bad news right? It's also taken me much longer to formulate an opinion; that's not the sign of a 'grower' by the way. Progressive music is in danger of being the new thrash revival of the last few years. We all cheered that our beloved genre, killed by those bastard alternative shit-cakes, was making a come-back. Until we realised why it had died in the first place. Now, the scene is full of mediocrity and I really don't want that to happen with progressive music. The very name of the genre means it should never stagnate, but who's taking it forward, really progressing? Not the majority, that's for sure. It has become a term for a style of writing, when it should indicate risk taking, genre-bending, and more than anything, excitement. 'Exit Eden' doesn't excite me. I found myself bored by the eventual predictability of it all. It's not balls-out heavy and catchy enough to appeal to regular head bangers, and progressive fans will probably wonder why there's not a piano accordion solo in the middle. Maybe I'm being cynical, but I don't feel any passion in this; it's the Korn of progressive. It's kind of depressing when the most memorable thing about an album is the bands fascination with the letter 'E'.
Pelagic Records
Review by Steve Cowan
28th Feb 2011
1) Caught in a Storm
2) Sea of Peril
3) Fever Pitch
4) A Line Divides
5) Born with a Blister
6) Bleak
7) Grace
8) A Feast for Vultures
9) Soul Embedded
10) Exit Eden
11) ..As if She Were a Black Bird
"...while it's all very clever, noisy, and likely to get intellectualised metal-heads in a froth, it's unlikely to appeal to a mass audience."