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A follow up to 2006's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', 'Yours Truly...' is Lincoln based Eibon la Furies' second release, a concept EP centred around the mytho-historical infamy of London's late nineteenth century serial killer, Jack The Ripper. The band's main creative force, a protagonist under the guise of Lord Eibon Blackwood, writes and performs the majority of the music, with additional vocals from Lady Titania Blackwood, and two instrumental pieces by keyboard maestro Spectral Symphony. A self-professed black metal project, Eibon la Furies' music transcends the idiomatic constraints often associated with that genre to incorporate passages of ambient music and traditional metal riffing, executed with a progressive aptitude that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Solefald and Notre Dame. '...And By The Moonlight' contains some of the EPs heavier moments, although these are contraposed effectively with clean guitar parts accompanied by menacing samples, including a lengthy mid-section where Lord Eibon recites Jack The Ripper's 'Dear Boss' letter which engenders a quasi-unsettling atmosphere through his baleful delivery. 'I Am Whitechapel' is another standout track with it's piano led intro infused with a scratched vinyl effect leading into resonant, heavy guitars and a dramatically recited narrative before Lady Titania's angelic vocals are richly layered over singly struck bar chords intercut (excuse the pun) with the sound of a slashing knife. Following on from the ambient version of Dark Throne's 'Transylvanian Hunger' on 'Something Wicked...' a la Tori Amos' inspired take on Slayer's 'Raining Blood', 'Yours Truly...' includes another inventive cover, this time in the form of Judas Priest's 'The Ripper' (rather apt for the EP's conceptual theme) which has been heavied up in an innovative arrangement of cacophonic madness. The CD also features an enhanced media section consisting of a minute long video clip, 'Yours Truly...From Hell', a gorily embellished, and inventive visual interpretation of the (in)famous Mary Kelly crime scene photograph (also featured on the CD cover); and a very professional looking full length video for '...And By The Moonlight', featuring Lord Eibon himself, dressed in Victorian attire, and wearing black contact lenses, conveying an effectively menacing characterisation that is apposite for the music's sinister overtones. With plans underway for a live incarnation of Eibon la Furies and a full line-up currently being assembled, one can only wonder what hellish mayhem will soon be unleashed upon unsuspecting metal audiences. Experimental, iconoclastic, and genuinely progressive, Eibon la Furies will not be to everyone's taste, and their avant-garde black metal proclivities undoubtedly narrow the band's appeal to a niche market. However, those in search of something truly original, and prepared for the challenging aural craziness characteristic of the Furies' offbeat compositions, should purchase 'Yours Truly...' immediately.
Review by Mark Holmes
1) Intro (Yours Truly...)
2) ... And By The Moonlight
3) The Devil Is An Englishman
4) A Shadow Over London (Pt 1)
5) I Am Whitechapel
6) The Ripper
7) A Shadow Over London (Pt 2)
8) Outro (... From Hell)
9) ... And By The Moonlight (Video Clip)
10) Yours Truly... From Hell (Video Clip)
"A self-professed black metal project, Eibon la Furies' music transcends the idiomatic constraints often associated with that genre..."