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Well, as I complete my first batch of CDs since starting here at Metal Discovery, I think it’s about time I quickly thanked main man Mark Holmes. Firstly, for having the guts to take a novice onto the team and, secondly (even though I listen to a huge variety of Rock and Metal), already introducing me to a handful of great bands that probably would have dipped under my radar. Eldorado are one of those and their third album ‘Antigravity Sound Machine’ is an enticing listen. Formed in Madrid, Spain, in 2007 this fiercely ambitious band sent their demos out to major name producers and quickly found a friend in Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Rush) who agreed to produce their debut album. This partnership has continued to grow with Chycki encouraging them to sing in English when their second album was released in 2010. That decision started to get the band noticed very positively outside of Spain and has led to this third album receiving a much wider distribution and being their first to be released domestically in the UK.

Eldorado are a veritable feast of influences from Classic (Bad Company, Free, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple) to more Modern (Black Crowes, Wolfmother, Slash, Alter Bridge) Rock, all of which are brought together under one roof creating Eldorado’s sound. Vocalist Jesus Trujillo has a wonderful ‘Andrew Stockdale’ meets ‘Myles Kennedy’ feel to his voice (he certainly doesn’t sound Spanish) and the rest of the band - Andres Duende (Guitar), Cesar Sanchez (Bass) and Javi Planelles (Drums) - form a raw but very capable backing to proceedings. While waiting for Chycki to complete work on Rush’s 2011 DVD and Clockwork Angels album Eldorado launched a fan funded scheme (something I approve of whole heartedly) to help get the album out, and thanks to their great live shows including support slots for Alter Bridge and Thin Lizzy managed to raise over three times the amount they were looking for which shows the appeal and following the band have mustered.

There aren’t really stand out tracks on the album because all of them showcase something good, catchy and interesting but my personal favourites would be ‘Maybe Forever’, ‘Mr. Saturn’, ‘Another Bright Sunday’ (complete with some great slide guitar) and absolute cracker of a tune ‘A Farewell to November’ which, amongst the other influences, starts with a Marillion feel and has a short guitar solo that could have been used on a number of Pink Floyd albums. So Eldorado are another fine ‘discovery’ for me and a group I will be following with much interest. If you like any of the bands mentioned above then you really should check them out too. I also very much like the artwork inside the CD case and booklet which gives you fun plans and instructions (using the song titles) on how to make your own ‘Antigravity Sound Machine’. The future of Rock is in good hands!
Cargo Records
Review by Rick Tilley
29th Oct 2012
1) Maybe Forever
2) Mr Saturn
3) Like a Lost Child
4) Another Bright Sunday
5) Searching for Light
6) A Farewell to November
7) Background Radiation
8) Space Mambo
9) Hassandra; 10) Paranormal Circus
11) Lady of the Mountain
12) Blue Jay Wings
"The future of Rock is in good hands!"