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Embassy of Silence are a band from Finland that started back in 2007 with just two members and an idea to create atmospheric and emotional rock/metal. From there they have grown in number and changed lineup over the years but kept within the realm of melodic metal. Their newest release, ‘Antler Velvet’, is full of catchy melodies, amazing vocals and powerful instrumentals all complimenting each other to create an atmospheric and emotion-driven album. It opens with ‘Trickster Queen’, initially sounding grainy like listening to an old radio before the song kicks in, it is a very catchy song with a lot of acoustic guitar. ‘Unconverted’ starts with more emphasis on the drums which continues throughout the track. The few times that the drums are the focus adds a darker, more sinister feel to the song which is replaced with the lighter mood created by the acoustic guitar. ‘The Gemini Ascendant’ has a gentle start with keyboard and melodic vocals which sets the pace for the rest of the track with the guitars elevating it and the drums ever present, helping to emphasise the pace. ‘Auryn Virus’ starts slow with the guitars at the forefront, the drums coming in to build it up with the pace slow throughout. ‘Conundrum’ starts loud and full-on with everything going at a steady pace that leads into a vocal focused section which comes through clear and sharp, complimenting the instrumentals. ‘Minotaur’ has a very slow start with gentle drums, keyboard playing and vocals which builds to a powerful and emotional peak that does lessen at parts but remains strong throughout the rest of the song. ‘Harbour of Naryon’ is another slow starter with guitars setting the scene with the addition of the drums in the background. Male vocals make an appearance and are the lead for this song instead of the usual female vocals. The pace remains slow and the instrumentals are gentle but with an emotional purpose helping to emphasise the vocals. Female vocals accompany the male vocals and the instrumentals take the focus at end. ‘Through Unknown Gateways’ has a quicker pace with the guitars and drums creating a pounding start which breaks into a slower pace for the vocals to take focus. The instrumentals then build alongside the vocals and set the feel for the song where the vocals and instrumentals come in and out of being the main focuses. It is a very melodic song with great vocals and instrumentals. ‘Prodigal Son’ has a very slow start with guitars and drums building from near silence following a steady pace to fall away for the vocals. The instrumental then spends a lot of time in the background with the vocals as the focus until they explode into focus, to then fade away again and finishes with just keyboards playing into silence. ‘Touch the Zenith’ has a slow and purposeful intro with a heavy appearance of the acoustics which then disappears for the vocals and is replaced with slow paced guitar and drums which continues until the acoustics make another heavy appearance which again disappears for the vocals and this continues throughout the song, which ends with slow guitar playing that gradually fades to silence. Overall, I really like the album and I highly recommend it for any one that is fan of atmospheric/melodic rock/metal.
Ravenheart Music
Review by Matthew Gray
4th July 2012
1) Trickster Queen
2) Unconverted
3) The Gemini Ascendant
4) Auryn Virus
5) Conundrum
6) Minotaur
7) Harbour of Naryon
8) Through Unknown Gateways
9) Prodigal Son
10) Touch the Zenith
"...full of catchy melodies, amazing vocals and powerful instrumentals all complimenting each other to create an atmospheric and emotion-driven album."