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It seems that old school heavy metal is alive and well, and championing the fight to bring it to the forefront is Enforcer. Album opener ‘Midnight Vice’ sets the tone and the pace for the following tracks, with a soaring guitar riff intro leading into some pounding drum fills from Jonas Wikstrand before the pace comes running in. Olof Wikstrand’s vocals are definitely somewhat of an acquired taste if high ‘balls in a vice’ style singing isn’t your bag, though it must be said that the guy has a great range and control. ‘Roll The Dice’ definitely displays the style that Enforcer are hoping to build for themselves, mixing their influences of Iron Maiden with bands like Exciter and giving it a modern twist. Taking a somewhat odd turn lyrically, ‘Katana’ follows with a theme song that would not be amiss on an album depicting tales of samurai warriors - however, that does not mean it is a bad song, in fact it is a great song, giving all of the guys a chance to display their skills: Joseph Tholl and Adam Zaars guitar work in this song is pretty superb as Tobias Lindqvist’s bass parts really shine through well with their heavy, rhythmical and fast approach. A real Judas Priest-esque riff brings us into ‘Running In Menace’, a testament to the bands influences. The chorus of ‘Running In Menace’ is beautifully constructed, slow yet well paced guitar work and Olof’s vocals simply floating over the top and clawing its way into your brain. ‘High Roller’ and ‘Live For The Night’ are both full force, fast paced songs set to get your head banging and your fist raised as you scream along, this feels like REAL metal. Title track ‘Diamonds’, an instrumental (a somewhat rarity on metal albums in modern times) has a fantastic intro to take you soaring into its galloping rhythm and you get somewhat lost in amongst it all. The final 3 songs on ‘Diamonds’ are definitely a case of ‘saving the best ‘til last’. ‘Nightmares’ displays Olof’s vocal talent perfectly, whilst the hooks grab you in and the smooth guitar work rolls over and over in your head, the consistent steady drum beats set your foot tapping and your head nodding as a smile spreads across your face. Definitely what could be called a highlight of the album, ‘Walk With Me’ is quite simply astounding - Olof’s vocal breakdown at the end of the track is haunting, addictive to listen to and damn near to perfect. A high octane closing track comes in the form of ‘Take Me To Hell’, a song that will definitely be a hit for these guys to play live in order to showcase just how good they can be. Whilst ‘Diamonds’ is a pretty incredible offering and definitely a vast improvement on ‘Into The Night’, I can’t help but think somewhere deep down, if they were pushed to do so, Enforcer could improve upon their newest material yet again and that is a prospect that excites me. Old school metal is alive and well in the modern day and Enforcer are showing just how to do it.
Earache Records
Review by Siobhan Hogarty
24th May 2010
1) Midnight Vice
2) Roll The Dice
3) Katana
4) Running In Menace
5) High Roller
6) Diamonds (Instrumental)
7) Live For The Night
8) Nightmares
9) Walk With Me
10) Take Me To Hell
"Old school metal is alive and well in the modern day and Enforcer are showing just how to do it."