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Nowadays, rock and metal music has been segregated into so many genres that it becomes increasingly difficult to say to someone ‘this is rock, give it a listen’. People have to have a label before they can decide what to do next. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be something that is going to end anytime soon, but sometimes a genre label can so perfectly describe a band’s music that you have to use it and that is the case with Flower Punch and their debut self-titled album. The genre that has been chosen, apparently by friends of the band who heard their music is... ‘Hindu-Rock’! This, however, does not give away a geographical location because Flower Punch were formed in Stockholm, Sweden, although with an Australian connection. Band leader and frontman Pna Andersson, Jane Kitto (backing vocals, percussion) & Jan ‘J.B’ Johansson (drums) have all worked together in the Aussie grunge band Kitto. They are joined here by long time friend of Pna and multi-instrumentalist Tobias Jakobsson (bass).

There are lots of words used on the press release to describe the sound of Flower Punch: ambient, acoustic, Hindu-folk, grunge, stoner etc and, to a certain extent, most of those fit the bill. I could also add ethereal, eclectic, mournful, enlightened, thoughtful, haunting and meaningful. All of that is a bit of a mouthful though so I’ll just stick to Hindu-Rock because, at the end of the day, that’s what Flower Punch are. Mix Alice In Chains, The Black Crowes, a little Beatles and Led Zep with more modern bands such as Rival Sons and you have a band that could be seen as pretentious by some people but not me. After a few listens, it all starts to make sense and the stories and melodies that weave through the music come to the surface and make themselves seen and heard. I do really like the tracks that rock it up a bit though such as ‘Honest Man’, ‘Lewis’ & ‘Spiritas’.

Everything seems to flow nicely, probably because all the members have worked in other projects together; the playing is of a high standard and production is also nicely handled. There is a definite Indian/Asian feel to proceedings, including some great drum and percussion rhythms which, for me, make this very enjoyable. I will add that this album will certainly be enjoyed more if you are in a quiet, perhaps reflective mood and you must use a pair of headphones and block out everything to fully appreciate what is happening. Of course, Flower Punch won’t be for everyone, but I am yet again thankful that I try to ignore the genre tags as much as possible and listen before labelling. Too much good music is missed out on because we assume we know what a band will sound like! This is a very good debut.
Scarecrow Recordings
Review by Rick Tilley
27th Feb 2013
1) Blueprint
2) Honest Man
3) Fix
4) Lewis
5) Sponge
6) Spiritas
7) Phony
8) Spook
9) Gravity
10) Potential Reads Your Grave
11) Little Bug
"This is a very good debut."