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Gama Bomb formed in 2002 and are the latest thrash revival band to scrabble for a piece of the 'me too' pie of fame. That's not entirely fair, as Gama Bomb do at least have some history prior to this latest revival. 'Citizen Brain' is in fact their second full-length album. Aping the best of the mid-eighties thrash bands from the Bay Area, Gama Bomb are in fact from the fair shores of Ireland. Vocalist Philly Byrne is clearly influenced by the likes of Baloff and Souza, whilst the music is akin to a less-hardcore influenced Nuclear Assault, with touches of prime Megadeth (especially in the solo work of Domo Dixon, and the middle section of 'Sentenced to Thrash'). Of course, like a lot of the current wave of thrash revivalists, the music does suffer slightly from being one-dimensional. However, it could be argued that the genre's tendency to diversify by the nineties is what killed it in the first place. Such trivialities will be forgotten when you hear the first salvo of tracks erupt from your speakers. This is intense music, and not to be heard in the background. Certainly, this will inspire some fantastic mosh-pits, both at sweaty clubs, and the bedroom. Favourite track? Hard to pin-point, but 'Time Crime', with its goofy lyrics, wicked solo flashes, and driving rhythms is a standout for me. 'Global Warning' closely follows with its tale of environmental woe, and is a great example of the pacing that Gama Bomb can conjure, evoking memories, at least spiritually if not entirely musically, with 'Emergency' by the aforementioned Nuclear Assault. How does 'Citizen Brain' compare then with the glut of other retro-thrash albums crashing through right now? Actually, surprisingly well. I had the good fortune to review 'Bonded By Blood's latest opus recently, and this is quite clearly of the same calibre. Which, for an Irish-based outfit, is good news indeed. Let's hope they don't suffer the same fate as most of the UK thrash bands of the eighties.
Review by Steve Cowan
9th June 2008
1) Zombie Blood Nightmare; 2) Evil Voices; 3) Final Fight; 4) Time Crime; 5) Global Warning; 6) OCP; 7) Hammer Slammer; 8) Sentenced To Thrash; 9) Zombi Brew; 10) Hell Trucker; 11) Return of the Technodrome; 12) Thrashaholic; 13) In The Court of General Zod; 14) Space Invaders; 15) Bullet Belt
"...this will inspire some fantastic mosh-pits, both at sweaty clubs, and the bedroom"