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Genus Ordinis Dei come to us from Italy, having formed in 2011 with Tommy Monticelli on guitars, Nick K belting out vocals, and Richard Meiz pounding the bongos. Genus Ordinis Dei (or GOD) come to us with 2017’s ‘Great Olden Dynasty’ which is a heavy pounding journey of discovery. The lyrics and message behind GOD’s holiday release is quite a bit more interesting than the actual sound portrayed in their rusty nail deathcore beats. With that being said there is nothing at all that could be considered poorly presented within this outing - the djent laden guitars crunch along at a well-balanced pace and the hardcore shouting vocals of Nick K are top notch. The overall sound is modern and shows shades of inspiration from popular acts like Lamb of God. Lots to like here, honest… the problem is, not much of the sound stands out from the crowd.

There are bits and pieces of each track that have moments of variation and fine transitions of symphonic keyboards/chorus chants, but for the most part GOD stick to their guns and deliver a nice punching deathy tone that would be appreciated by any modern deathcore fan. ‘You Die in Roma’ is a strong offering with excellent build through nicely orchestrated keys to a pounding chorus. ‘Cold Water’ is an interesting offering that could probably be considered as near ballad level.

The closing songs are where the real “killer tracks” present themselves. ‘ID 13401’ pummels your ears from the start with machine gun riffs and a stiff lyrical march into a near classic Testament sounding chorus. And as an added bonus, if you’re new to the English language, this track does an honest effort on teaching counting numbers 11 through 14! ‘Halls of Human Delights’ presents a wonderful symphonic breath of fresh air during the chorus. This track is everything I could ask in powerful death build to a complex symphony littered chorus!

‘Salem’ is what I would consider the finest effort of this entire release. It may have something to do with the inclusion of an excellent guest appearance of Lacuna Coil’s Christina Scabbia. She adds a riveting contrast to Kirk’s growling vocals that comes off really well. Maybe give this another go sometime! ‘Greyhouse’ closes things out with good acoustic build into a familiar guitar crunch that pushes forward the final seven minutes.

Overall, there is impressive work to be found here for fans of modern deathcore. Each track is concise, with powerful melody and edgy vocals. Modern? Yes. Original? Not so much.
Eclipse Records
Review by Joshua Jaeger
24th Nov 2017
1) The Unleashed
2) You Die in Roma
3) Cold Water
4) The Flemish Obituary
5) Sanctuary Burns
6) Morten
7) ID 13401
8) Halls of Human Delights
9) Salem
10) Greyhouse
"...impressive work to be found here for fans of modern deathcore. Each track is concise, with powerful melody and edgy vocals."