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Frenzied from the first to the finish, the tracks of ‘Blood For The Master’ are not performed; they are executed, torn to shreds with such forward motion that it’s impossible to escape the propulsion of the album as a whole. The finely-tuned machine known as Goatwhore has again produced an album that is the embodiment of filth, fury, menace and might. With crushing riffs, harsh chords, and pulverized drum lines laced with a bloodthirsty barbarism usually the remit of bands concealed in the fathomless depths of the underground, what the band is capable of is presented in the first three tracks that are a ravaging attack that go for the throat and gnaw their way through and into the spine. ‘In Deathless Tradition’, however, marks a significant shift in the dynamic of the album with the pace slowed down with the weight of the chugging riffage and Falgoust’s sinister vocal delivery. Simmons’ drumming for the duration of ‘Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown’ is ridiculously, mind-blowingly, immeasurably fast and is nothing less than astounding. The track is utterly ferocious and threatens to leave the remaining tracks cowering in its colossal shadow. But standing tall is ‘Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos’ that opens with a rolling acoustic guitar passage overlaid with Duet’s excellent multi-layered lead line that sings and squeals in torment, anguish, and exquisite sorrow and becomes a heavy and melodic track richly cold in its visceral atmosphere. ‘Beyond the Spell of Discontent’ and the remaining tracks shift back into familiar territory but are no less battering than the opening tracks.

‘Blood For The Master’ makes an impressive start in the first three tracks where Goatwhore prove that they are a band that can hammer out tracks that are as furious, rabid, and sadistic as the best of them. What follows takes Goatwhore through an array of varying approaches to structure, dynamic, and composition that introduce a bunch of new ideas that for the most part are vastly impressive yet recall earlier works and remains, largely, more of the same. Having been at it for 15 years, Goatwhore should be doing more to push their boundaries, not sit comfortably within them.
Metal Blade
Review by Jason Guest
14th Feb 2012
1) Collapse in Eternal Worth
2) When Steel and Bone Meet
3) Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word
4) In Deathless Tradition
5) Judgement of the Bleeding Crown
6) Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos
7) Beyond the Spell of Discontent
8) Death to the Architects of Heaven
9) An End to Nothing
10) My Name is Frightful Among the Believers
"The finely-tuned machine known as Goatwhore has again produced an album that is the embodiment of filth, fury, menace and might."