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Like Aynsley Lister, whose new album I recently reviewed, Texan Hamilton Loomis is a name I'm familiar with without having heard much in the way of actual material, but that has all changed with the release of his eighth album 'Give It Back' and, again, I have to thank Frontier Promotions for introducing me to yet another wonderful young talent. This time, though, we aren't just dealing with the blues because Loomis combines that with huge amounts of funk, soul, R&B and classic rock to wonderful effect. Now, being the metalhead/rocker that I am, many of those genres are a little alien so, as far as influences go, I'm going to mention names that I am more familiar with; therefore, I apologise in advance if any of these sound a little odd. Glenn Hughes (in his funk guise), Eric Clapton and Roachford (there's that name again) all come to mind as does Stevie Wonder and, with the inclusion of saxophone and trumpet on many songs, also Chicago (before they went all chart friendly in the 80s).

At the age of sixteen, Loomis was lucky enough to meet Bo Diddley backstage at a show, and the great man picked up on Loomis' talent and began to mentor him. Diddley's mantra of "Innovate, don't imitate" are words that Loomis has stuck by throughout his career and, whilst (to me at any rate) there is a huge nostalgia trip to be had listening to 'Give It Back', the album is also incredibly modern with massive crossover appeal. Every song is a winner and so groove laden that you cannot keep still when listening and I've already become the butt of many jokes from my family after witnessing my pathetic attempts at dancing!

Loomis, who provides vocals, guitar, harmonica, keys and talk box (all wonderfully, I might add) on 'Give It Back' is joined by a fabulous band of musicians and it would be remiss of me not to mention them, such is their involvement. Jamie Little (drums), Kent Beatty (bass), Fabian Hernandez (saxophone), John Ontiveros (trumpet), Sergio Gonzalez (organ), Krystle Harper & Chris Eger (background vocals) and Javier Solis (percussion) are all fantastic. Loomis also has Grammy winner Tommy Sims, who plays much of the bass guitar and five times Grammy winner Victor Wooten, who provides vocals and a cracking bass solo on the title track. 'Give It Back' is brilliantly produced by Michael Hodge, who also co-wrote six of the twelve songs and the whole thing flows with ease from start to finish. As I seem to say quite a bit on here, Hamilton Loomis won't be for everyone but I love variety in music and am always ready to explore new avenues. Loomis still plays a mean guitar so, if your tastes are, like mine, widespread then I urge you to check him out. I just hope your 'moves' aren't as poor as mine!
Ham-Bone Records
Review by Rick Tilley
5th August 2013
1) Stuck in a Rut; 2) Eternally
3) She's Had Enough
4) Give It Back
5) Partner in Crime
6) A Woman Like You
7) Everything I Had
8) High
9) Fool Sometimes
10) One More Take
11) Castle
12) Peer Pressure
"...whilst...there is a huge nostalgia trip to be had listening to 'Give It Back', the album is also incredibly modern with massive crossover appeal."