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When I was handed this to review, I was filled with dread thinking back to hearing them very briefly at RockWeekend in Sweden last year and running to the beer tent to escape their cheese so, needless to say, I was guessing that I would absolutely hate it and hence I wasn’t expecting very much… how wrong I was! This is the young Swedes’ second album, after forming back in 2007, and they have since gathered an extensive fanbase not only in their homeland, but also in the UK and Europe after a tour support with Edguy. But don’t let the Edguy connection put you off… this bunch are way better. Right from the first track, it launches into full-blown 80s-style cheesy melodic rock, with well-harmonized vocals and an immensely ‘big’ production sound, which to be honest wouldn’t sound amiss in some 80s teen movie or even, dare I say it, as a future ‘Glee’ cover version. Right the way through, the production is absolutely flawless, and the songwriting and musicianship cannot be faulted, whether you like the musical style or not. This is far from the style of music I normally listen to, but they emanate such immense energy in their music, you can’t help but like it. I’m guessing live they would be massive fun to watch, especially on a festival stage, and they really would be an ideal band for a rainy festival day as a bit of a musical pick-me-up, as let’s face it, standing in a muddy field being rained on and listening to overly long doom metal doesn’t do much to keep your festival spirits up regardless of how much beer your drink. Yes, the lyrics and music are clichéd (“we’re gonna make it through the night” and “beg beg beg beg for your love”); yes, they have sing-a-long choruses; yes, there are token key changes; but it’s all done so disgustingly well, with vocalist Kenny Lackremo (now no longer with the band) having an immensely powerful voice and guitarists Dave Dalone and Eric Rivers displaying great technical ability. With not one filler track on the entire album, it is a fun-filled party romp through melodic rock at its best and they deserve to go far.
Review by Hannah Sylvester
31st May 2010
1) We’re Gonna’ Make It; 2) Black Night
3) I Can’t Look the Other Way
4) Shelter
5) Beg Beg Beg
6) Danger Road
7) Stay 2010
8) Everyone Wants to be Someone
9) Nobody Loves You Like I Do
10) I Know What It Takes
11) Cast Away
12) High on Love
13) Who Will Stop the Rain
"With not one filler track on the entire album, it is a fun-filled party romp through melodic rock at its best and they deserve to go far."