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I know how hard it is to think of band names. Having started roughly ten of them in my time, it can be something of a chore to come up with something that represents your sound, and is original. The fact that I had to look up the word 'Ignominious' in the dictionary should at least show up my limited vocabulary; it means 'disgraceful' by the way. Their name sums their music up nicely, and is unique enough to remember (once you've gotten round to pronouncing it). Whilst their music may not be particularly original or unique however, it is very well executed and, more importantly, memorable; thanks in most part to a very keen sense of melody. Special mention must be made regarding the production of this album. To say the sound here is massive is vastly understating it. Avoiding the usual pitfall of the dreaded loudness war currently making headlines (listen to ‘Death Magnetic’ through headphones and you'll hear it), each instrument is deftly engineered and mixed. In fact the drums are some of the fullest and crispest I've heard in many a year. Scott Atkins has seemingly outdone Colin Richardson for 'that' drum sound. Musically, kudos too should go to vocalist Andy Wardle, who had me convinced for a short while that there were two vocalists on this CD. Furthermore, the song writing had me wondering if these guys really were from the UK, and not either American or Swedish. That's not to say that the UK doesn't spit out quality bands, just this is a very non-UK sounding album. Standout tracks are the huge title track, and the final song 'Elusion of Mortality'; possibly the most melodic track on offer (don't despair, they're not about to appeal to Bon Jovi fans). This is an extremely confident and assured debut from a band that should make significant waves in the extreme metal market. A recent tour with Bring Me The Horizon should also have exposed them to the fickle crowd that leaches around metal-core. Whether that will bring them any fortune can only be answered over time, but it's fair to say they deserve it. So, get in on the act early and buy what will no doubt be considered a classic UK metal release in years to come. For me, it's already in my top ten for this year.
Review by Steve Cowan
23rd Feb 2009
1) Avarice
2) Deeds of Days Long Gone
3) Elegance In Aggression
4) Saviour
5) Of Winter Born
6) Solitude
7) Dynasty Damnation
8) Tide of Pestilence
9) In The Face of Absolution
10) Elusion of Mortality
"...an extremely confident and assured debut from a band that should make significant waves in the extreme metal market."