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Hailing from Sheffield in the UK, Immension are yet another newish band aiming to make a living out of this wonderful lifestyle we call rock & metal. Having formed in 2008, Jake Kearsley (vocals & guitar) and Tim Dolan (lead guitar) had to spend a good amount of time trying to complete the lineup with a reliable rhythm section and it wasn't until 2011, with the inclusion of Hasan Ahmed (bass) and Jonni Sowter (drums) that things started to happen. Since then the band have certainly not been lazy with a debut, self-titled EP being released in January this year (review is elsewhere on these hallowed pages), playing an increasing number of gigs, getting good coverage in Terrorizer and Rocksound magazines and radio airplay on Total Rock Radio. Now we have EP number two, 'The Enemy Within', and its four new songs to digest.

What you need to know first is that Immension obviously worship at the altar of Metallica as their music is heavily influenced by Hetfield and co, but they mix it with a modern metal sound and the opening title track is actually a pretty good representation of what Metallica might sound like if they started out now, right down to the Hammett-esque style guitar solo and Hetfield-lite vocals (although Sowter's drumming is far better than anything Lars could manage these days). Add a few screamed vocals and modern melodies and I was suitably intrigued. It didn't last though because second track 'Forevermore' sounds almost exactly like the opener - the vocal melody, in particular, is almost identical. The only real difference is that it's two minutes shorter. Third track 'All That Remains' is a much more ballad-like affair, once again out of the Metallica songbook. It's ok but it doesn't build to the massive finale I would like and last track, 'In The Dead Of Winter', albeit with a few tweaks, is once again very similar to the opening tracks.

I haven't heard their previous EP, although my esteemed colleague at Metal Discovery gave it a respectable score. Immension, do however, seem to have done with 'The Enemy Within' what she said they hadn't with the first release, which is give us the obligatory couple of modern thrash tunes and a ballad and it's all a bit generic. This band definitely have talent but the song writing needs to show much more variety, especially with the vocal melodies, if they are to really stamp their authority on the genre. Perhaps there is a case for saying they've rushed this second EP to strike while the iron is hot rather than work on the songs more. Only time will tell if that is, indeed, the case.
Review by Rick Tilley
12th August 2013
1) The Enemy Within
2) Forevermore
3) All That Remains
4) In the Dead of Winter
"...Immension obviously worship at the altar of Metallica as their music is heavily influenced by Hetfield and co, but they mix it with a modern metal sound..."