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So what do we know of Kingcrow. They're from Italy and this is their fourth album. According to the accompanying press sheet, these are "selling points". I would've thought they're mere facts but, hey, maybe some peeps out there only like Italian bands who already have a back catalogue of releases. Either way, whether these be facts or selling points, 'In Crescendo' is actually the band's fifth full-length album and the real selling point is in the listening experience for the eight tracks that constitute this release really are quite wonderful. If you had to throw a genre label at this, as indeed the press blurb does, then it's a "blend of atmospheric prog rock and metal". Indeed, that is true, prog-rock/metal influences manifest throughout but what I will add to that is the highly developed, mature and well-constructed compositional skills at work here. All music was written by one of the band's two guitarists, Diego Cafolla, a founding member alongside sticksman Manuel Thundra Cafolla and, by fuck, has he got a good ear for melody and well-honed sensibilities for balancing out technically progressive tendencies within the context of actual songwriting. That is to say, the various time signatures, tempo changes, and changing moods in the music never sound forced. Kingcrow's progressive dynamic is a wholly natural one. It's easy to become absorbed in the richly textured atmospheres of their songs rather than be jilted out of that space by some unnecessary technical widdling. Sure, there's a bit of widdle here and there, and even what some would construe as generic prog traits, but it's never at the expense of the actual song; it's always fitting and progresses the composition in naturally pleasing ways. And with songwriting of this quality, therein lies the true progression of Kingcrow's aesthetic. Each of the band's musicians contributes efficaciously in the execution of Cafolla's compositions, including a fantastic vocal performance by Diego Marchesi who, with his expressive voice, manages to convey and emphasise all the inherent emotions in the instrumentations at all the right moments. Overall, 'In Crescendo', is a mightily fine fifth full-length release from this talented bunch of Italians.
Sensory Records
Review by Mark Holmes
18th Feb 2013
1) Right Before
2) This Ain't Another Love Song
3) The Hatch
4) Morning Rain
5) The Drowning Line
6) The Glass Fortress
7) Summer '97
8) In Crescendo
"Kingcrow's progressive dynamic is a wholly natural one. It's easy to become absorbed in the richly textured atmospheres of their songs..."