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It's ever so slightly awkward for me to review Kobra and the Lotus' debut album as, having had the pleasure of witnessing the band in action and knowing what they're capable of on the live stage, their music doesn't quite cut it in recorded form. That's only a comparative judgement though and 'Out of the Pit' is still a mightily fine stab at capturing the true spirit of unpretentious, up tempo, melodic, riff-based retro metal. Cue riff-driven compositions chock full of guitar harmonies and solos throughout, pertaining to a whole gamut of 80s influences from Maiden, early Metallica, Priest, Skid Row et al. However, what separates them from other bands that walk the path of mimicking metal and rock of yore is vocalist Brittany Paige, a classically trained singer whose range is quite astounding. While her vocals are perhaps an acquired taste and might take a few listens for some to fully digest and appreciate their essence, if and when you click with her style, then you'll come to appreciate the uniqueness she brings to the table with each and every track. With the original recordings remixed by producer extraordinaire Kevin Shirley and Paige's vocals re-recorded by said man ahead of the album's official release, the results, although far from pristine, are of the expected high quality, albeit a little rough around the edges at certain points. A little rough around the edges is no bad thing as it's sometimes good to be reminded that there are real people playing the music, a quality absent from so many over-produced releases, although the static noise that's briefly audible at the beginning and end of each track is not something you'd expect to hear on a professionally recorded album. That's a minor gripe though, as 'Out of the Pit' remains a fun ride from start to finish. With an enjoyable cover of 'Ace of Spades' and the comedic irony inherent in the ludicrously named 'Teaspoon of Metal', Kobra and the Lotus are evidently out to put the fun back into metal. That said, closing track 'Legend', nearly eight minutes in length, ventures into serious, epic sounding prog-rock territory with some truly sublime melodies and Paige demonstrating a more refined, classical side to her voice. The track is perhaps indicative of future diversification for Kobra and the Lotus' music should they opt to progress their aesthetic into different musical genres, and with a change in personnel since the recordings for 'Out of the Pit' with one new guitarist and different bass player, the Canadians' sophomore album will most certainly be something to keep an eye on. A band with huge potential.
Kobra Music
Review by Mark Holmes
27th Sept 2010
1) It's Yours
2) Focfom
3) Cynical Wasteland
4) Teaspoon of Metal
5) Ballad of Jane Doe
6) The Hooker
7) Snake Pit
8) Ride Like Sugar
9) Ace of Spades
10) Legend
"...what separates them from other bands that walk the path of mimicking metal and rock of yore is vocalist Brittany Paige, a classically trained singer whose range is quite astounding."