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The amazing thrash revival of Kreator continues as Mille Petrozza and Jürgen Reil build their unprecedented 14th studio album! Christian Giesler and Sami Yli-Sirnio return to the fold, anchoring up Kreator’s most stable lineup they’ve perhaps ever had. ‘Gods of Violence’ comes to us as a follow up to a few compilation projects given to us as placeholders for Kreator’s rabid fan base waiting for new music. Having been five years since ‘Phantom Antichrist’, expectations are very high. It feels like each release from this crew gets heavier and heavier, so what musical direction can we expect this time? Let us dive in!

‘Gods of Violence’ starts us off with ‘Apocalypticon’, a riveting intro that absolutely shreds our mind with horrifying imagery through words with Satanic brutality. ‘World War Now’ preaches of disappointment in world leaders throughout its speedy pounding body. Wonderful concepts of speed metal mastery with exciting transitions and winding build to the chorus. ‘Satan is Real’ is as much a Satanic waltz through pain and misery, as much as a contemporary musical description of parallels to such an apocalyptic universe with our own true earth. ‘Totalitarian Terror’ has its peak with the chorus and speedy waling guitars. Powerful stuff!

The sensitive acoustic opening to ‘Gods of Violence’ is a welcome change-up from everything we’ve experienced thus far. The build, the climax, as well as every second of this title track keeps a smashing tempo. Mille continues to belt out spectacular vocals in ‘Army of Storms’, which could be considered the most conservative track offering this go ‘round. Not much chaos within, just a well-balanced heavy metal track. Classic power metal anthems continue with ‘Hail to the Hordes. This cut felt like an epic fantasy metal movie opening scene.

‘Lion with Eagle Wings’ changes things up quite a bit with a creeping death intro with a haunting dialogue that quickly climbs into more excellent Kreator thrash! ‘Fallen Brother’ continues to plow forward with a familiar anthem that could have been pulled as a B-Side from any Kreator album over the last 10+ years. ‘Side by Side’ and ‘Death Becomes My Light’ close things out on this extremely polished album. This release may just be Kreator’s most violent album release yet. Not for the weak of heart.

I’m very happy to announce that the wait was well worth it. Taking a deeper look into the entirety of ‘Gods of Violence’, you will not find a single weak track on this release. With the experience that Kreator carries under their belt, you would imagine that, like other acts, you would hear music quality that harkens back to their “glory days”… however, that is very much NOT the case with Kreator. Mille’s lyrics growl louder than ever before over crisp perfection riffs with thrashing anthems that will leave you begging for more! So, can we do this again in five years, please?
Nuclear Blast
Review by Joshua Jaeger
27th January 2017
1) Apocalypticon
2) World War Now
3) Satan is Real
4) Totalitarian Terror
5) Gods of Violence
6) Army of Storms
7) Hail to the Hordes
8) Lion With Eagle Wings
9) Fallen Brother
10) Side By Side
11) Death Becomes My Light
"Mille’s lyrics growl louder than ever before over crisp perfection riffs with thrashing anthems that will leave you begging for more!"