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If you haven't heard of Krokus at some point over the last forty years then you probably live under a very big stone. This Swiss band have been pumping out good old heavy Krok 'n' Roll seemingly forever, have sold 13 million albums worldwide, have gone through a myriad of ups and downs and are mostly still around to tell the tale! If you do live under a stone then it's about time you got out from underneath it and discovered rock instead!

'Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)í is their latest live offering (as far as I know only their second official live album) and was recorded on 30th August 2013, back in their hometown to an absolutely ecstatic and welcoming crowd. If you dig AC/DC style fist pumping rock, fronted by one of the very best voices out there, then Krokus will be a joy to behold. Vocalist Marc Storace is the man who fronts the band, a man who has worked with some of the all time greats and whose voice, quite honestly, defies belief. Yes, he sounds a bit like Bon Scott, but his range and clarity has never faltered over the years. How he is still singing this well is a complete mystery to me, and it is he that elevates Krokus from being a good band to being a great one.

This release contains fourteen tracks which focus on the bandís early career and some newer material from the last two studio albums. That's pretty brave because their arguably best known tracks have been left out of the set, but this audience are die hard Krokus fans so it doesn't matter and it shouldn't to you either because this is a fabulous listen. 'Long Stick Goes Boom' is a wicked opening song, which sets the scene perfectly and for a cracking 70 minutes, and shows a band fully at ease with their abilities, even more so as the song morphs into The Who's 'Pinball Wizard' half way through! There is also a fabulous cover of 'American Woman'. Brilliantly produced by bassist Chris Von Rohr and mixed by the master that is Dennis Ward, you just know that this is going to sound huge and it doesn't disappoint.

There are other, newer bands such as Airbourne and Bonafide that rightly get plenty of recognition for their honest take on the AC/DC classic sound but even though Krokus have sold plenty of albums, they are still regarded as something of an underground name and that is a shame because they are brilliant at what they do. If you are new to Krok 'n' Roll then this is as good a place as any to start and then work your way backwards because you will discover a wealth of great tunes and albums which should definitely be added to your collection.
Sony Music
Review by Rick Tilley
26th May 2014
1) Long Stick Goes Boom
2) Hallelujah Rock 'n' Roll
3) Go Baby Go; 4) American Woman
5) Tokyo Nights; 6) Fire
7) Medley; 8) Screaming in the Night
9) Hellraiser; 10) Bedside Radio
11) Easy Rocker
12) Heatstrokes
13) Live for the Action
14) Hoodoo Woman
"If you dig AC/DC style fist pumping rock, fronted by one of the very best voices out there, then Krokus will be a joy to behold."