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Lion's Share hail from Sweden and have been around for some time, their first album being released in 1995. The band consists of vocalist Patrick Johansson, guitarist Lars Chiss and bassist Sampo Axelsson with the drummer's seat being shared by session drummers Richard Evensand and Conny Petterson. Guest guitarist Michael Romeo, from Symphony X, also makes an appearance. The album begins at full tilt with the track 'Judas Must Die' which is played at breakneck speed. It is slightly reminiscent of Helloween in their pomp with its pounding drums and furious guitars. It sets the scene for the rest of the album and is definitely a case of the band starting as they mean to go on. The third track, 'Demon In Your Mind', has a feel of Dio to it, particularly in the vocal delivery whilst the following track, 'Heavy Cross To Bear', is epic sounding with its slow burning intro that explodes into an ultra heavy but slower paced number which wouldn't be out of place on a Dio era Black Sabbath or Rainbow album. The track that follows, 'The Bottomless Pit', has a more contemporary sound with its chugging riff and brings to mind Rob Halford's Fight, one of his projects during his hiatus from Priest. 'The Presidio 27' starts with a Queensryche influenced intro before developing into another fast paced rocker, whilst the next track, 'Barker Ranch', which is the name of the place where Charles Manson holed up after the murder of Sharon Tate, documents this grisly episode. Tracks 9 and 10, 'Napalm Nights' and 'Space Scam', whilst having somewhat dodgy sounding titles, are both of a good quality and the final song, 'Behind the Curtain', is another epic number with a superbly heavy riff that Tony Iommi would not be ashamed to put his name to, and is one of standout tracks on the album. I am conscious that I have mentioned there are similarities to a fair few other bands contained within this album but that is not to say that Lion's Share are rip off merchants or second rate copyists. Indeed, there is much on this album that is not only original, which is difficult in a pretty well trod genre like metal, but is of a high quality. It is well produced, the musicianship is first rate and I for one have had my curiosity sufficiently piqued enough to want to check out their other releases.
Blistering Records
Review by Dave Uphill
30th March 2009
1) Judas Must Die
2) Phantom Rider
3) Demon In Your Mind
4) Heavy Cross To Bear
5) The Bottomless Pit
6) Full Metal Jacket
7) The Presidio 27
8) Barker Ranch
9) Napalm Nights
10) Space Scam
11) Behind The Curtain
"...there is much on this album that is not only original, which is difficult in a pretty well trod genre like metal, but is of a high quality."