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Lordi, Lordi, Lordi what a great album this is! Finnish gothic rock masters Lordi have returned with their sixth album, ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’, and it is a perfect example of what this band do so well. Great songs, insanely catchy choruses and enough weirdness for any number of horror film soundtracks. Coming three years after their last, slightly disappointing effort, ‘Babez For Breakfast’, this is a storming return to form. In fact, I would go as far to say it’s the most immediate and heaviest album of their career to date.

Kicking off with the brilliant ‘We’re Not Bad For The Kids, We’re Worse’ leaves you in no doubt that this album is going to invade your head à la Freddy Krueger and it does not let up for the duration. First single ‘The Riff’ is a huge slab of horror metal and it really should be on the playlist of any rock radio station. New keyboard player Hella adds some excellent atmospheric passages and electronica throughout which complement perfectly the very heavy riffing of guitarist Amen. Drummer Mana, who has replaced the very sadly departed Otus, more than demonstrates why he has been given the job and he works very well with bassist Ox. Mr Lordi himself is absolutely on top form, growling the lyrics with enough melody and inherent evil to make Jason Vorhees run away with his hockey mask tucked firmly between his legs! Alice Cooper’s sound is all over this record like an infected rash and I think he would be very proud if he had written these songs. Add a little Zodiac Mindwarp, Piledriver and some interludes and intros, such as the beginning of ‘Schizo Doll’ which could all quite easily grace a King Diamond album and stir together with an awesome production and mix courtesy of maestro Michael Wagener and you have a complete winner. Beast does finish on an odd note with ‘SCG6 Otus Butcher Clinic’, which is essentially a live drum solo; however, I am assuming that this is a tribute to ‘Otus’ so I’m not going to judge it harshly.

Forget the fact that many people think Lordi are cheesy, even a joke. Forget the fact that they won The Eurovision Song Contest, as good as that was! Just treat this as a great album and it will repay you in spades (to the back of the head) and you will be grinning like a demented clown! I’ve always had a soft spot for these guys but ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’ sets a new standard for Lordi. Halloween has come early this year!
AFM Records
Review by Rick Tilley
1st March 2013
1) We're Not Bad for the Kids (We're Worse)
2) I Luv Ugly
3) The Riff
4) Something Wicked This Way Comes
5) I'm the Best
6) Horrifiction
7) Schizo Doll
8) Candy for the Cannibal
9) Sincerely with Love
10) SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic
"...‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’ sets a new standard for Lordi. Halloween has come early this year!"