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Michael Bormann is a German multi-instrumentalist (he plays guitar, bass, keys and drums on this release) who is perhaps best known for his time with Jaded Heart, Bonfire and for being in a band with Ritchie Blackmore’s son. ‘Different’ opens with ‘Life is a Miracle’ which is a catchy and infectious song, with strong backing vocals and a brief, lyrical, nod to Guns and Roses. ‘To the Top’ follows; it’s an up tempo effort with effective use of piano and some excellent guitar work. It’s probably the standout track on the album. ‘Think Twice’ is the third track and is the first ballad. It’s technically well put together but the sum is less than its parts and the end result is little more than average. ‘Somebody’ follows and with it comes a slight change of mood. It’s a relatively simple track that’s built around a refrain played acoustically and has a slightly funky feel to it. The funky feel is carried on by the percussion on the next track, ‘Mr Rock ‘n Roll’ which, although pleasant enough, doesn’t really go anywhere. ‘My Favourite Time’ sounds very much like a Bon Jovi tribute band and it’s a track that passes the listener by. The next three tracks, ‘Breathless’, ‘Don’t You Tell Me’ and ‘Wouldn’t Let You Down’ are all technically accomplished songs but lack any real spark. The next two tracks, ‘Who Really Wants To Get Older’ and ‘No Way Out – It Hurts’ are stronger efforts with an up tempo vibe and a heavier feel. Album closer, ‘Was Mir Fehlt’ is a simple ballad, using only vocals and piano and, as the title would indicate, sung in Bormann’s native tongue. All in all, this is an average release with a handful of above average tracks. It’s well produced and expertly performed but, ultimately, Bormann offers little that assists the album to live up to its title.
AOR Heaven
Review by Dave Uphill
22nd Nov 2010
1) Life is a Miracle; 2) To the Top
3) Think Twice
4) Somebody
5) Mr Rock 'N' Roll
6) My Favourite Time
7) Breathless
8) Don't Tell Me
9) Wouldn't Let You Down
10) Who Really Wants To Get Older
11) No Way Out - It Hurts
12) Was Mir Feht
"...well produced and expertly performed but, ultimately, Bormann offers little that assists the album to live up to its title."