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Mors Principium Est was officially my first live concert in United Kingdom. A year has passed and a lot of things changed. The band that was opening for my favorite band last year had an entire year to change my mind, and they did! A year ago, this band from Finland left me with a “there is something big missing here” in mind; a rather bland concert but, now, I might have an idea why that happened - the venue was terrible for such a complex and varied sound.

‘Dawn Of The 5th Era’ was rather difficult to assimilate. I was very close to putting it aside - until I decided to blast it as loud as I could, and it was worth it! The album starts with a beautiful “music-box crossed with epic circus” style of melody that leaves everyone with their jaws dropped. The crescendo in this piece of music is absolutely stunning. Followed by a destructive guitar riff they present you - ‘God Has Fallen’. I would say it’s a good introduction for what is yet to come; you can have an idea of what the band is capable of.

After a couple of songs you kind of get what they have to offer, a pure melodic death metal sound full of electricity and power. But excellent albums are not only made of this, right? When you’re almost classifying it as a “just good” album, the 5th track, ‘Innocence Lost’, appears and the attention is caught again to what it appears to be an extremely influenced on classical music lead guitar player. This mix is absolutely perfect and when you add a talented keyboardist to the recipe, you have something really great.

Fortunately, the keyboard player decided to be a little bit more “out there” and presented us with what I would say is one of my favorite tracks on the album - ‘Monster in me’. Aggressive guitar riffs, with theatrical keyboards and a guitar solo that could easily fit in a classical piece. Just hire the man as a full member already, don’t use him mainly on the second part of the album! Have a listen to ‘Apricity’, a ballad, where every single instrument is allowed to shine; even the bass lines are full of emotion!

If you are one of those that, in the comfort of your own world, fancy to go the good old classical music, this is the album to pay attention to, you will have a nice mix of blasting death metal with that ravishing effect of the epic old tunes. I just wished it was throughout the entire album.
AFM Records
Review by Salomé Sequeira
5th Dec 2014
1) My Wilderness
2) Love Decay
3) Vervain
4) Stronghold of Angels
5) Hunters
6) Lotus
7) Elucidation
8) Two and a Heart
9) Creeper
10) Oblivious
"...a nice mix of blasting death metal with that ravishing effect of the epic old tunes."