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My Regime was formed by well-known vocalist and songwriter Christian “Spice” Sjöstrand of Spiritual Beggars fame in 2016. Along for the ride are Alexander Sekulovski on bass, Bob Ruben manning the drums, and Marvin Kairenius riffing on lead guitars. Ruben and Spice are no strangers to one another as they performed together in the long standing thrash band Kayser. Quite a powerful amalgam of talents has emerged to create this new entity of My Regime, and we’re anxious to hear how this will all come together…

Every once and again you just want to bash some skulls and mosh about. Now, of course, bashing skulls is frowned upon in our society, so the next best thing is cranking up the volume and blasting some thrash. My Regime has pretty much perfected the no-frills style of thrash that has become somewhat lost in today’s metal scene.

The entire track list of this release comes across as a fist full to your ears while, at the same time, having very few portions that are below average. A certain strong showing! The most impressive tracks being… ‘Time Slipping out of Time’ blasts out the opening anthem and gives you a nice dose of what to expect moving forward! ‘Off to War’ gets your blood pumping with a catchy chorus. Towards the end of this release is ‘The Cage’, which has moments that would remind one of Kreator for a bit; a great change up track on this release, for sure!

All in all, tracks heard on ‘Deranged Patterns’ don’t necessarily come at you with the most depth or balance you often see with acts like Battlecross and I’m not really sure this is a bad thing. My Regime has a style all of their own that will please fans of in-your-face thrash metal. This release is likely what Metallica was looking to accomplish with their most recent efforts and, if you want to hear what thrash done correctly sounds like, you need look no further. Recommended for thrash fans.
Scarlet Records
Review by Joshua Jaeger
23rd June 2017
1) Deranged Patterns
2) Time Slipping Out of Tune
3) Rays of Grey
4) Off to War
5) I Am
6) The Sound of Dying Dreams
7) Nervous Fort
8) The Smiling Dog
9) The Cage
10) Silver
11) Surreal Reality
"My Regime has pretty much perfected the no-frills style of thrash that has become somewhat lost in today’s metal scene."