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I think I said in a review last year that the quality of metal and rock presently being released by numerous artists is a pleasure to behold. I am also eternally grateful that I ignore genre tags and listen to a wide variety of this type of music. We are off to a fantastic start in 2013 with some cracking albums already released and we now have another contender. My Soliloquy is a British prog metal band who were actually formed in 2002 and have released two demos and an EP but ‘The Interpreter’ is their debut album. Fronted by Pete Morten who, since 2007, has been the guitarist with Threshold (‘March Of Progress’ was one of my top albums of last year), should hopefully make many people sit up and take notice. My Soliloquy has, over the years, actually played some fairly high profile gigs supporting such bands as Oliver & Rick Wakeman, Pagan’s Mind and Power Quest. They also had a second-to-headline slot at Bloodstock 2005. Since joining Threshold, the anticipation for this album has risen considerably.

Some people are just too damned talented and Mr Morten is one of these. Not only did he play all instruments on this album (apart from the drums) and sing, he also wrote, composed and arranged all the songs, co-produced and mixed it, designed the logo, did the cover and inlay artwork, all the photography AND created the layout and design of the booklet! That’s some list and it is obvious that ‘The Interpreter’ is a real labour of love. Whilst they are definitely a prog metal band, My Soliloquy have many other facets that combine to make their sound complete. Morten’s vocal style is not what you would initially expect but it works well. There is an air of Geoff Tate about him on certain songs (Tate when he could sing that is!) and Pete Nicholls of IQ fame. Musically, I can pick up elements of Marillion (Rob Aubrey produced and mixed the album), early Queensryche, Threshold, Dream Theater and a more metal version of Kurt Vanderhoof’s recent project Presto Ballet, but they are not copyists by any means and have delivered a beautifully balanced album.

‘The Interpreter’ is not an immediate fix but repeated listens will certainly reward you. Songs such as opener ‘Ascension Pending’ and ‘Dream In Extremis’ make so much more sense after 5-6 spins, ‘Corrosive De-Emphasis’ is a belter and closing track ‘Star’ is likely to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ll hear this year. Musicianship is of a high standard throughout. Apart from Morten, drums are played by Damon Roots who does an admirable job. For upcoming gigs these two are to be joined by Mike Gilpin (guitars), Andy Berry (keyboards) and Chris Sharp (bass) and it will be very interesting to see how they translate the music to a live setting. ‘The Interpreter’ is an extremely assured debut and I really hope we get to hear more in the not too distant future from My Soliloquy.
Sensory Records
Review by Rick Tilley
18th Feb 2013
1) Ascension Pending
2) Flash Point
3) Corrosive De-Emphasis
4) Fractured
5) Six Seconds Grace
6) Dream in Extremis
7) Inner Circles
8) Star
"‘The Interpreter’ is an extremely assured debut..."