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Progressive rock/metal has a doleful reputation with me of being divided into two distinct camps. There are those whose technical ability is married beautifully to restraint, assuring a harmonious balance with the delicate art of songwriting. There is also that camp that sacrifices the wonder of songwriting to blaze a trail of indigestible fret-wankery and multi-note shenanigans. Thankfully, Boston, MA's, Nascent fall into the former category. Essentially a two-man-band (albeit with the help of some talented session musicians), they have crafted an extremely confident and sublime piece of sonic art here. It would be churlish to try and make comparisons to other progressive bands, as progressive music has a tendency to bridge many musical styles. However, the vocal work of main man Jeff Briggs recalls such luminaries as Roger Waters and Robin Proper-Sheppard. The vocals only materialize very occasionally, which is a shame as they suit the mood of the songs very well. Note must be made too of the extraordinary drum work of Libor Hadrava. It's not too astonishing to learn that he has opened his own drum school. The synths, often the work of Jeff, evoke memories of Rick Wright and, to a lesser extent, Roddy Bottum's work with Faith No More. Whilst the music is often glorious swathes of gentle clean guitar passages, there are elements of Metal, reminiscent at times of Steven Wilson and Tony Iommi, which emerge. These are never jarring however, and do not intrude too heavily on the delicate work that surrounds it. The solos too are not so ostentatious as to serve only to promote the musical aptitude of the artist; they serve the song well. It is refreshing to hear musicians observing restraint. I am not going to focus on individual songs, as the whole album needs to be appreciated as a whole. Mention must be made of the production however which, according to the bio, was done with meagre facilities, is quite astounding for a self-release. It is therefore without question that I can unreservedly recommend this release to you, whether you are a metal fan, a rock fan, or a music fan.
Review by Steve Cowan
1) Suburban Mornings
2) Beyond Logic
3) Without Virgil
4) Synesthesia
5) Heraclitus Was Right
6) Swallowed By The Sea
"...an extremely confident and sublime piece of sonic art..."