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'Bleed Between the Lies', the debut album from Never A Hero, was originally released in late 2012 and, judging by the fact I'm only just receiving a copy, means it's either getting a reboot before the release of their sophomore album later in the year or they need to find a new PR company! Reading the attached blurb, before actually listening to the album, suggested to me that I wouldn't be keen on Never A Hero. An alt-rock band from the UK who have rather silly names, have received airplay on the BBC, whose videos are played regularly on Kerrang and Scuzz TV, who think it's great to have a big following on Facebook (likes don't mean a thing, I'm afraid), who are being 'bigged' up by Kerrang and keep telling us they've “shared the stage” with other bigger bands. I've never quite worked out why bands do that. I've shared the stage with bigger bands but never met them, was never picked to play by them and it's with every certainty they don't know I exist or have ever heard what I play!

All those things were screaming at me but, regardless of the fact Never A Hero are indeed alt with nu-metal leanings, use samples, electronica and rap regularly (ok, I really don't like that last one), and will definitely appeal to thousands of teens, 'Bleed Between The Lines' shows much promise, especially for a debut. Behind all the smoke there is actually some very good playing here, the guitar work of Kaji 2.0 (see what I mean about the names?) is a definite standout moment. Lead vocalist 'Phrixus' utilises a mixture of clean and harsher vocals, thankfully relying on the clean side more often, although it does say that guitarist Mickey Thin and bassist KB also supply vocals so they might be responsible for the harsh. Completing the lineup is Daisy Lai on drums and samples who also seems to know his way around a kit.

What also stands out is the piano work, which is used liberally and very well throughout the album. Now, it doesn't say that anyone actually plays keyboards of any sort so whether these are samples I'm not sure, but they do add to the overall feel of the music. Good riffs are aplenty and there are some fairly catchy choruses, so it's a shame, for me, that the band do rely so heavily on the electronic and sample side of things because, if you took that away, you would still be left with some great tracks. Of course, this is the direction the band want to go in and who am I to say otherwise? 'Bleed Between The Lies' is not going to be an album that gets played regularly in my abode but it's testament to the song writing and some of the musicianship that it will get a dusting off occasionally and, for me, that speaks volumes.
Review by Rick Tilley
1) Read Between the Lines
2) Burning Skies
3) Rose are Dead, Violets are Too
4) The Call; 5) Screams of Silence
6) Days of Patience; 7) Vogue
8) Between; 9) Untouchable
10) Dreamcatcher
11) Hollow; 12) Sunbeam
13) Stalked
14) Bleed Between the Lies
"... 'Bleed Between The Lines' shows much promise, especially for a debut."